Projects developed and/or in progress since inception of Ocean2k in late 2011 include:

Phase 2 planning (2015-)

Phase 2 planning will begin in early 2015 with a renewed call for participation, review of the metadatabases, renewed synthesis and analysis activities, and a proposal to hold a workshop to brainstorm, focus on and organize around phase 2 objectives.

HR-LR synthesis (2014-)

Analysis of the spatial and temporal pattern of emergence of the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) signature in the global oceans from marine paleoclimate data and comparison to that simulated in the PMIP3/CMIP5 archive.  A manuscript is in preparation.

Metadatabase development and maintenance (Ongoing)

Build metadatabases into primary sources of publicly available, realistically forced climate simulations (PMIP3, LOVECLIM, CSIRO) and observations from marine paleoclimate archives.  These metadatabases are periodically reviewed and updated for completeness and accuracy by the Working Group, and is overseen by the data management team.

First-pass low-resolution (LR) synthesis (2012-2015)

Synthesis of marine sea surface temperature (SST) reconstructions at nominally bicentennial resolution and comparison of results with a multimodel ensemble of SST simulations from the PMIP3/CMIP5 archive.  A paper is in review with Nature Geoscience.

First-pass high-resolution (HR) synthesis (2012-2015)

Reconstruction of regional SST at annual resolution from annual and higher resolution marine paleoclimate observations.  A paper is in review with Paleoceanography.