Links to varve-specific webpages

Antevs (Automated Numerical Time-series Evaluation of Varying Sequences) was developed for the correlation of proglacial varve sequences (Rayburn and Vollmer, 2013) and is designed to work with time-series measured at annual intervals. Antevs includes standard techniques to match time-series and to deal with missing data.

The Taconite Inlet Project provides sample images of non-glacial high Arctic varves from northern Ellesmere Island, Canada

The system and algorithm design for a varve image analysis system is introduced by the Ph.D. thesis of Zhijun He (2007)

A teaching lecture about varve dating (Dating Sedimentary Strata) created by John Banister-Marx and adapted By Larry Flammer with several interesting images of varves from the Eocene Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA

The Lake Suigetsu 2006 Varved Sediment Core Project provides information about varve counting and various novel methodological techniques for precise and high-resolution subsampling which may be applied to other sediment cores

Homepage of Timo Saarinen with images of lake coring and varve analyses

The Smear Slide Page at LacCore (National Lacustrine Core Facility), University of Minnesota
images and information of components found in smear slides of lacustrine sediments

North American Glacial Varve Project at Tufts University
promotes the study of glacial varves in North America

Automated Tools for Layer Recognition (BMPix) and Counting (PEAK).
This is version 2 of the Visual Basic macro set BMPix and PEAK. The ZIP archive contains a read-me file and the tool collection as an Excel file.

NORPOLAR (Northern Polish Lake Research) is an interdisciplinary research project on annually laminated sediments from northern Polish lakes.