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On the origin of multidecadal to centennial Greenland temperature anomalies over the past 800 yr
Special issue articles
Kobashi T, Shindell DT, Kodera K, Box JE, Nakaegawa T & Kawamura K... Climate of the Past 2013
Centennial-scale variability of the Southern Hemisphere westerly wind belt in the eastern Pacific over the past two millennia
Special issue articles
Koffman BG, Kreutz KJ, Breton DJ, Kane EJ, Winski DA, Birkel SD, Kurbatov AV & Handley MJ... Climate of the Past: Special Issue 2014
Climatic impacts of fresh water hosing under Last Glacial Maximum conditions: a multi-model study
Special issue articles
Kageyama M, Merkel U, Otto-Bliesner B, Prange M, Abe-Ouchi A, Lohmann G, Ohgaito R, Roche DM, Singar... Climate of the Past 2013
Can an Earth System Model simulate better climate change at mid-Holocene than an AOGCM? A comparison study of MIROC-ESM and MIROC3
Special issue articles
Ohgaito R, Sueyoshi T, Abe-Ouchi A, Hajima T, Watanabe S, Kim H-J, Yamamoto A & Kawamiya M... Climate of the Past 2013
Last interglacial temperature evolution – a model inter-comparison
Special issue articles
Bakker P, Stone EJ, Charbit S, Gröger M, Krebs-Kanzow U, Ritz SP, Varma V, Khon V, Lunt DJ, Mikolaje... Climate of the Past 2013
Historical and idealized climate model experiments: an intercomparison of Earth system models of intermediate complexity
Special issue articles
Eby M, Weaver AJ, Alexander K, Zickfeld K, Abe-Ouchi A, Cimatoribus AA, Crespin E, Drijfhout SS, Edw... Climate of the Past 2013
Impacts of land surface properties and atmospheric CO2 on the Last Glacial Maximum climate: a factor separation analysis
Special issue articles
Henrot AJ, Francois L, Brewer S & Munhoven G Climate of the Past 2009
A few prospective ideas on climate reconstruction: from a statistical single proxy approach towards a multi-proxy and dynamical approach
Special issue articles
Guiot J, Wu HB, Garreta V, Hatte C, Magny M Climate of the Past 2009
Sea ice dynamics influence halogen deposition to Svalbard
Special issue articles
Spolaor A, Gabrieli J, Martma T, Kohler J, Björkman MB, Isaksson E, Varin C, Vallelonga P, Plane JMC... The Cryosphere 2013
Influence of dynamic vegetation on climate change and terrestrial carbon storage in the Last Glacial Maximum
Special issue articles
O'ishi R & Abe-Ouchi A Climate of the Past 2013
Preface "Climate change: from the geological past to the uncertain future – a symposium honouring André Berger"
Special issue articles
Crucifix M, Claussen M, Ganssen G, Guiot J, Guo Z, Kiefer T, Loutre M-F, Rousseau D-D & Wolff E... Climate of the Past 2009
High-resolution 900 year volcanic and climatic record from the Vostok area, East Antarctica
Special issue articles
Osipov EY, Khodzher TV, Golobokova LP, Onischuk NA, Lipenkov VY, Ekaykin AA, Shibaev YA & Osipova OP... The Cryosphere 2014
Diffusive equilibration of N2, O2 and CO2 mixing ratios in a 1.5-million-years-old ice core
Special issue articles
Bereiter B, Fischer H, Schwander J & Stocker TF The Cryosphere 2014
Spatial–temporal dynamics of chemical composition of surface snow in East Antarctica along the Progress station–Vostok station transect
Special issue articles
Khodzher TV, Golobokova LP, Osipov EY, Shibaev YA, Lipenkov VY, Osipova OP & Petit JR... The Cryosphere 2014
Net accumulation rates derived from ice core stable isotope records of Pío XI glacier, Southern Patagonia Icefield
Special issue articles
Schwikowski M, Schläppi M, Santibañez P, Rivera A & Casassa G... The Cryosphere 2013
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