8 (1): A Joint Newsletter of the Past Global Changes Project (PAGES) and the Climate Variability and Predictability Project (CLIVAR)

Eds: Alverson K & Villwock A

PAGES news, vol. 8(1), 1-24, 2000


The interaction between IGBP-PAGES and WCRP-CLIVAR is driven by the overlapping interests of the past climate reconstruction and future climate prediction research communities. Following on from the initial success of the first PAGES/CLIVAR Intersection meeting (PAGES Report, 1996), and the CLIVAR international meeting (WCRP Report 108), a series of PAGES/CLIVAR workshops, open meetings and short courses were held. One was a workshop in Venice, Italy from Nov. 8–12, 1999, which concentrated on the theme “Climate of the Last Millennium.” Many of the results and recommendations which grew out of this meeting are collected here in this newsletter.

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> Editorial: A Joint Newsletter of the Past Global Changes Project (PAGES) and the Climate Variability and Predictability Project (CLIVAR) [p.2]
K. Alverson and A. Villwock

Science Highlights

> Climate Paradigms for the Last Millennium [p.2-3]
R. S. Bradley

> ENSO Through the Holocene, Depicted in Corals and a Model Simulation [p.3-7]
M. A. Cane, A. Clement, M.K. Gagan, L.K. Ayliffe and S. Tudhope

> Abrupt Climate Change [p.7-10]
K. Alverson and F. Oldfield

> Improving Estimates of Drought Variability and Extremes from Centuries-Long Tree-Ring Chronologies: A PAGES/CLIVAR Example [p.10-12]
E. R. Cook and M. Evans

> Conceptual Framework for Changes of Rainfall and Extremes of the Hydrological Cycle with Climate Change [p.12-13]
K. E. Trenberth

> Century to Decadal Scale Records of Norwegian Sea Surface Temperature Variations of the past 2 Millennia [p.13-14]
E. Jansen and N. Koch

> Opportunities for CLIVAR/PAGES NAO Studies [p.14-16]
E.S. Sarachik and K. Alverson

Program News

> Past Global Changes and their Significance for the Future [p.20]

Workshop Reports

> Reconstructing Climatic Variability from Historical Sources and Other Proxy Records [p.17-18]
> Modelling Extreme Climates of the Past: What we have learned from PMIP and related Experiments [p.18-20]
> The First International Conference on the Ocean Observing System for Climate [p.22-23]
> Science Highlights from the Monsoon Symposium and CLIVAR Monsoon Panel Meeting [p.23]


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