9 (2): PEP II Special Issue

Eds: Larocque I & Alverson K

PAGES news, vol. 9(2), 1-20, 2001


A special issue on the "Pole-Equator-Pole II" (PEP II) transect through Australasia.

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Special Section: PEP II Special Issue


> The Need for a Global Paleoclimate Observing System [p.2]

Science Highlights

> Records of Environmental Changes in the Australian Sector of Pep II Point to Broad Trends of Climate Change [p.4-5]
P. De Deckker

> An 8,000 Year Multi–proxy Record from Lake Issyk–Kul, Kyrgyzstan [p.5-6]
K.A. Rasmussen, R.D. Ricketts, T.C. Johnson, V.V. Romanovsky and O.M. Grigina

> An 8000–Year Record of Typhoons in the Northern South China Sea [p.7-8]
G. Huang and W.W.-S. Yim

> Millennial–Scale Oscillations of Loess Weathering over the Last Glacial Period [p.9]
G. Zhengtang, P. Shuzhen and L. Tungsheng

> The Chinese Maar Drilling Programme A Chinese–German Cooperation for Paleoclimatic Reconstructions [p.10-11]
L. Jiaqui, L. Tungsheng and J.F.W. Negendank

> Pollen Records of the Last Glacial Cycle in the Southern Hemisphere Tropics of the PEPII Transect [p.11-12]
S. Van der Kaars, P. Kershaw, N. Tapper, P. Moss and C. Turney

> East Asian Monsoon Signals Recorded in the Japan Sea Sediments [p.13-14]
T. Irino, K. Ikehara, H. Katayama, Y. Ono and R. Tada

Program News

> CLIWOC: a Cooperative Effort to Recover Climate Data for Oceanic Areas (1750–1850) [p.15-16]

Workshop Reports

> Paleo-Grassland Research (PGR) 2000: a Conference on the Reconstruction and Modeling of Grass–Dominated Ecosystems [p.16-17]
> The 6th ELDP Workshop: High–Resolution Lake Sediment Records in Climate and Environment Variability Studies [p.18]
> Highest II: Climate Change at High Elevation Sites: Emerging Impacts [p.19]

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