PAGES Solar Forcing Working Group 1st workshop - Presentations

The Sun and its Role in Climate Change: State of the art, where are we and how to proceed?

Meeting participants

, 2012

Presentations from the 1st PAGES Solar Forcing Working Group Workshop held in Davos, Switzerland from 5 - 9 September 2012.

The main objective of this first workshop was to (a) assess the present state of the art in this field, to (b) challenge existing concepts and assumptions, and to (c) identify knowledge gaps. Based on this evaluation participants aimed to reach a consensus in defining the most important issues to be addressed and the strategies and actions needed to achieve these goals and to answer the above listed questions.


Beer J - Introduction to PAGES-FUPSOL Workshop 2012 >pdf

Anet et al. - Modeling Past and Future Solar Influences on the Terrestrial Climate >pdf

Brönnimann S et al.- Solar imprint in climate reconstructions and reanalyses >pdf

Ferriz Mas A - Long-Term Variation of Solar Magnetic Activity >pdf

Fidel González Rouco J & Fernandez Donado L - Simulated temperature response to external forcing in the last millennium >pdf

Haigh JD - The Influence of Solar Spectral Variations on Climate >pdf

Hegerl G et al. - Causes of climate change over the last millennium - the role of the sun, volcanism and greenhouse gases >pdf 

Krivova N et al. - Irrandiance Reconstructions (with SATIRE, though not only) >pdf

Muthers S & Rable C - Impact of the chemical model on the climate: Results from transient simulations >pdf

Shapiro - Modeling of the solar spectrum and its variability >pdf

Wanner H - Holocene climate trends and variability: What can data tell us? >pdf

Woods T- Solar Ultraviolet Irradiance Variations over Four Solar Cycles >pdf

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