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This database contains publications, meeting products and outreach material emerging from PAGES activities.

It is a requirement that all products listed here acknowledge PAGES, a PAGES working goup or a meeting supported by PAGES.

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Latest entries
Name Author Journal Year Image
PAGES 1st Young Scientists Meeting: Retrospective views on our planet's future
The Sea-Level Conundrum: Case Studies From Palaeo-Archives
Journal articles
PALSEA, Abe-Ouchi A, Andersen M, Antonioli F, Bamber J, Bard E, Clark J, Clark P, Deschamps P, Dutto... Journal of Quaternary Science 2009
Interhemispheric Climate Linkages
The Multi-Proxy Late-Pleistocene and Holocene Record from the Sediments of the Grand Lac d'Annecy, Eastern France
Special issues
Journal of Paleolimnology 2001
Understanding Future Climate Change Using Paleorecords
Book chapters
Alverson K & Kull C 2003
Telling interdisciplinary stories about past climate change
Blog Articles
Kovacevic M Future Earth Blog 2016
Disappearing Evidence: The Need for a Global Paleoclimate Observing System
Articles & flyers
Alverson K, Bradley R, Briffa K, Cole J, Hughes M, Larocque I, Pedersen T, Thompson L & Tudhope S... Global Change 2001
5 (1): PEP I
PAGES Magazine issues
PAGES 4th OSM 2013 Plenary presentation: Anil Kulkarni
Kulkarni A 2013
PAGES 2nd Open Science Meeting: Paleoclimate, Environmental Sustainability and our Future
Posters & presentations
OSM poster authors 2005
The Darkening Sea
Other meeting products
Kolbert E The New Yorker 2006
Glacier Photograph Collection
Paired pictures
National Snow and Ice Data Center 2006
PAGES e-news, vol. 2005, no. 1
Transient extremes linked to volcanic explosivity
PowerPoint slides
Biffra et al. 1998
Hydro2k: Integrating proxy data and models for insights into past and future hydroclimate
PAGES Magazine articles
Workshop Reports
Past Global Changes Magazine 2016
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