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This database contains publications, meeting products and outreach material emerging from PAGES activities.

It is a requirement that all products listed here acknowledge PAGES, a PAGES working goup or a meeting supported by PAGES.

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4 (1): PAGES news
PAGES Magazine issues
CO2 record from Taylor Dome Antarctica
PowerPoint slides
Indermühle et al. 1999
Briefing: Impacts of Ocean Acidification
Other meeting products
European Science Foundation 2009
Climate and Human Influences on Global Biomass Burning over the Past Two Millennia
Journal articles
Marlon JR, Bartlein PJ, Carcaillet C, Gavin DG, Harrison SP, Higuera PE, Joos F, Power MJ & Prentice... Nature Geoscience 2008
Past Ecosystem Processes and Human-Environment Interactions (Focus 5) - 2005
Posters & presentations
Larocque I 2005
International Geological Congress 1998
Special issues
Global and Planetary Change 1998
African Palaeoperspectives: Linking the Past to the Present and the Future
Mer de Glace (French Alps) 1895 / 1997
Paired pictures
Hodgkins R 2003
Late Quaternary Environment Change: Emerging Issues
Workshop reports
PAGES 4th OSM 2013 Plenary presentation: Martin Jones
Jones M 2013
Climate History through the Holocene at Lochnagar Scotland
Articles & flyers
Biology and Environment: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy... 2001
Comparison of climate reconstruction methods, modeling, and data synthesis approaches
PAGES Magazine articles
Workshop Reports
Past Global Changes Magazine 2016
3 (3): PAGES news
PAGES Magazine issues
Annual records of tropical systems
PowerPoint slides
Dunbar R and Cole J eds. 1999
Relevance of PAGES Science to IODP - 2009
Posters & presentations
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