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Urban point sources of nutrients were the leading cause for the historical spread of hypoxia across European lakes
Journal articles
Jenny JP, Normandeau A, Francus P, Taranu ZE, Gregory-Eaves I, Lapointe F, Jautzy J, Ojala AEK, Dori... PNAS 2016
Managing bark beetle impacts on ecosystems and society: priority questions to motivate future research
Journal articles
Morris JL, Cottrell S, Fettig CJ, Hansen WD, Sherriff RL, Carter VA, Clear JL, Clement J, DeRose RJ,... Journal of Applied Ecology 2016
PAGES e-news vol. 2016, no.10
Holocene climate changes in eastern Beringia (NW North America) – A systematic review of multi-proxy evidence
Special issue articles
Kaufman DS, Axford YL, Henderson ACG, McKay NP, Oswald WW, Saenger C, Anderson RS, Bailey HL, Clegg ... Quaternary Science Reviews 2016
Sea surface temperature variability in the North Western Mediterranean Sea (Gulf of Lion) during the Common Era
Journal articles
Sicre M-A, Jalali B, Martrat B, Schmidt S, Bassetti M-A & Kallel N... Earth and Planetary Science Letters 2016
Record high to record low: what on earth is happening to Antarctica’s sea ice?
Blog Articles
Abram N, England M & Vance T The Conversation 2016
24 (1): News
PAGES Magazine articles
PAGES IPO Past Global Changes Magazine 2016
24 (1): Editorial: Tipping Points: Lessons from the Past for the Future
PAGES Magazine articles
Chris S.M. Turney1, C.J. Fogwill1, T.M. Lenton2 and R.T. Jones2... Past Global Changes Magazine 2016
24 (1): Tipping points in the past: the role of stochastic noise
PAGES Magazine articles
Zoë A. Thomas1 and Richard T. Jones2 Past Global Changes Magazine 2016
24 (1): Tipping ice ages
PAGES Magazine articles
Michel Crucifix Past Global Changes Magazine 2016
24 (1): The East Antarctic Ice Sheet as a source of sea-level rise: A major tipping element in the climate system?
PAGES Magazine articles
Christopher J. Fogwill1, N.R. Golledge2,3, H. Millman1 and C.S.M. Turney1... Past Global Changes Magazine 2016
24 (1): Did synchronized ocean warming in the North Pacific and North Atlantic trigger a deglacial tipping point in the Northern Hemisphere?
PAGES Magazine articles
Summer K. Praetorius1 and Alan C. Mix2 Past Global Changes Magazine 2016
24 (1): Ice cores: High-resolution archive of rapid climate changes
PAGES Magazine articles
Simon Schüpbach1, H. Fischer1, S.O. Rasmussen2, A. Svensson2, D. Dahl-Jensen2, J.P. Steffensen2 and ... Past Global Changes Magazine 2016
24 (1): A paleo-perspective on the AMOC as a tipping element
PAGES Magazine articles
Stephen Barker1 and Gregor Knorr2 Past Global Changes Magazine 2016
24 (1): Identifying and anticipating tipping points in lake ecosystems
PAGES Magazine articles
Peter G. Langdon1, J.A. Dearing1, J.G. Dyke1 and R. Wang2... Past Global Changes Magazine 2016
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