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PAGES e-news vol. 2016, no.8
Press Releases
Press Releases
A Community-Driven Framework for Climate Reconstructions
Journal articles
Kaufman D et al EOS Transitions 2014
Fire in the Earth System – bridging data and modelling research
Workshop reports
Hantson S, Kloster S, Coughlan M, Daniau A-L, Vannière B, Brücher T, Kehrwald N & Magi BI... BAMS 2016
Causes of Regional Change - Land Cover
Book chapters
Gaillard MJ, Kleinen T, Samuelsson P, Nielsen AB, Bergh J, Kaplan J, Poska A, Sandström C, Strandber...
New constraints on late Holocene eustatic sea-level changes from Mahe Seychelles
Journal articles
Woodroffe SA, Long AJ, Milne GA, Bryant CL & Thomas AL... Quaternary Science Reviews 2015
Sea-level and deep-sea-temperature variability over the past 5.3 million years
Journal articles
Rohling EJ, Foster GL, Grant KM, Marino G, Roberts AP, Tamisiea ME & Williams F... Nature 2014
Reappraisal of the Ångerman River decay time estimate and its application to determine uncertainty in Earth viscosity structure
Journal articles
Nordman M, Milne GA & Tarasov L Geophysical Journal International 2015
Near-field sea-level variability in northwest Europe and ice sheet stability during the last interglacial
Journal articles
Long AJ, Barlow NLM, Busschers FS, Cohen KM, Gehrels WR & Wake LM... Quaternary Science Reviews 2015
Sea-level constraints on the amplitude and source distribution of Meltwater Pulse 1A
Journal articles
Liu J, Milne GA, Kopp RE, Clark PU & Shennan I Nature Geoscience 2016
Temperature-driven global sea-level variability in the Common Era
Journal articles
Kopp RE, Kemp AC, Bittermann K, Horton BP, Donnelly JP, Gehrels WR, Hay CC, Mitrovica JX, Morrow ED ... PNAS 2016
24 (1): Tipping Points
PAGES Magazine
Past Global Changes Magazine 2016
PAGES e-news vol. 2016, no.7
Varves in marine sediments: A review
Journal articles
Schimmelmann A, Lange CB, Schieber J, Francus P, Ojala AEK & Zolitschka B... Earth-Science Reviews 2016
Characterizing Climate Fluctuations over Wide-Scale Ranges
Workshop reports
Lovejoy S, Crucifix M & De Vernal A Eos 2016
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