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Latest entries
Name Author Journal Year Image
Pollen productivity estimates of key European plant taxa for quantitative reconstruction of past vegetation: a review
Special issue articles
Broström A, Nielsen AB, Gaillard MJ et al. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 2008
Foreword - 5th International conference on the cenozoic evolution of the Asia-Pacific environment
Special issue articles
Alverson K Quaternary International 2004
Obituary - Wolfang Andres
Special issue articles
Ehlers E Quaternary Science Reviews 2003
Depositional frequency of German subfossil oaks: climatically and non-climatically induced fluctuations in the Holocene
Special issue articles
Spurk M, Leuschner HH, Baillie MGL, Briffa KR & Friedrich M... The Holocene 2002
The extent of the Late Weichselian ice sheet in the southeastern Barents Sea
Special issue articles
Gataullin V, Mangerud J & Svendsen J-I Global and Planetary Change 2001
The North Taymyr ice-marginal zone, Arctic Siberia—a preliminary overview and dating
Special issue articles
Alexanderson H, Hjort C, Möller P, Antonov O & Pavlov M... Global and Planetary Change 2001
Deglaciation chronology of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet from the Lake Onega Basin to the Salpausselkä End Moraines
Special issue articles
Saarnisto M & Saarinen T Global and Planetary Change 2001
Modelling the Eurasian Ice Sheet through a full (Weichselian) glacial cycle
Special issue articles
Siegert MJ, Dowdeswell JA, Hald M & Svendsen J-I Global and Planetary Change 2001
Where was the outlet of the ice-dammed Lake Komi, Northern Russia?
Special issue articles
Maslenikova O & Mangerud J Global and Planetary Change 2001
The chronology of a large ice-dammed lake and the Barents–Kara Ice Sheet advances, Northern Russia
Special issue articles
Mangerud J, Astakhov VI, Murray A & Svendsen J-I Global and Planetary Change 2001
Weichselian stratigraphy and glaciotectonic deformation along the lower Pechora River, Arctic Russia
Special issue articles
Henriksen M, Mangerud J, Maslenikova O, Matiouchkov A & Tveranger J... Global and Planetary Change 2001
The stratigraphic framework for the Upper Pleistocene of the glaciated Russian Arctic: changing paradigms
Special issue articles
Astakhov V Global and Planetary Change 2001
Early and Middle Valdaian glaciations, ice-dammed lakes and periglacial interstadials in northwest Russia: new evidence from the Pyoza River area
Special issue articles
Houmark-Nielsen M, Demidov I, Funder S, Grøsfjeld K, Kjær KH, Larsen E, Lavrova N, Lyså A & Nielsen ... Global and Planetary Change 2001
Distinguishing between tills from Valdaian ice sheets in the Arkhangelsk region, Northwest Russia
Special issue articles
Kjær KH, Demidov I, Houmark-Nielsen M & Larsen E Global and Planetary Change 2001
Late Pleistocene stratigraphy and sedimentary environment of the Arkhangelsk area, northwest Russia
Special issue articles
Lyså A, Demidov I, Houmark-Nielsen M & Larsen E Global and Planetary Change 2001
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