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Session A, B, C, D & E – Monday, 6 July

Session A: Reconstructing & Understanding Climate Forcings & Feedbacks (PAGES Focus 1)
Converner: Bette Otto-Bliesner — NCAR, USA

Catalina González – Germany
"Tropical salt-marsh evidence for rapid sea-level changes associated with Heinrich events"
Alberto Reyes – Canada
"The response of permafrost to last interglacial warming constrains projections of future thaw"
Jeremy Shakun – USA
"Forcing of deglacial climate change and implications for greenhouse warming"
Akitomo Yamamoto – Japan
"Modeling of methane bubbles released from sea-floor gas hydrate"

Session B: Regional Climate Dynamics - Reconstruction & Modeling (PAGES Focus 2)
Chairs: Mohammed Umer – Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

Elizabeth Farmer – UK
"Surface and thermocline records of Mg/Ca derived temperatures in the Holocene subpolar North Atlantic"
Yao Liu – USA
"Antiquity and turnover of North American terrestrial ecosystems since the Last Glacial Maximum"
Raphael Neukom – Switzerland
"Multiproxy climate field reconstructions for southern South America back to AD 1000"
Martin Tingley – USA
"A Bayesian approach to reconstructing climate fields from proxy data"

Session C: Chronology (PAGES CCT 1)
Chair: Pierre Francus — University of Quebec, Canada

Yusuke Suganuma – Japan
"Delayed acquisition of paleomagnetic record in marine sediments inferred from offset Be-10 flux anomaly"

Session D: Proxy Development, Calibration & Validation (PAGES CCT 2)
Chair: Ricardo Villalba — IANIGLA, Argentina

Branwen Williams — "Proxy records from western tropical Pacific black corals and soft corals"
Julie Ferguson – USA
"Glacial seasonal-resolution sea surface temperature records from paired ∂18O and Mg/Ca in limpet shells from Gibraltar"

Session E: Modeling Past Changes (PAGES CCT 3)
Chair: Michael Schulz — University of Bremen, Germany

Fanny Adloff – Germany
"Modelling changes in eastern Mediterranean ocean climate for the early Holocene"
Steven Phipps – Australia
"Understanding ENSO dynamics through the exploration of past climates"

Session F & G – Tuesday, 7 July

Session F: Earth System Dynamics - Global-Scale Processes & Linkages (PAGES Focus 3)
Chair: Peter Kershaw — Monash University, Australia

Jessica Tierney – USA
"Coherence between the Asian monsoon and Indonesian hydrology during the past two millennia"
Andreas Born – Norway
"The 8k event: abrupt transition of the subpolar gyre towards a modern North Atlantic circulation"
Yanjun Cai – China
"An absolute-dated and high-resolution Indian Monsoon record over the past 245 kyr from Xiaobailong Cave, southwest China"
Björn Machalett – Germany
"Long term seasonality changes and abrupt climate shifts recorded in highly resolved dust/loess sequences across Eurasia"

Session G: Past Human-Climate-Ecosystem Interactions (PAGES Focus 4)
Chair: John Dearing — University of Southampton, UK

Megan Walsh – USA
"Natural and anthropogenic influences on the Holocene fire and vegetation history of the Willamette Valley, northwest Oregon and southwest Washington"
Tyhra Carolyn Kumasi – Ghana
"Land cover change in the Barekese River Basin of Ghana"
Mariano Morales – Argentina
"Seven centuries of precipitation variations in the Bolivian Altiplano inferred from the world’s highest-elevation tree-ring records: Environmental and sociocultural implications"
Robert Hatfield – Canada
"Sediment sourcing and environmental reconstruction using particle size-specific magnetic fingerprinting: Bassenthwaite Lake, UK"

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