Antarctica 2k - EGU and BBC

antarctica 2k bbc 18A paper from the PAGES 2k Network Antarctica 2k project, discussed at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly in Vienna, Austria, today, has been featured on the BBC News website.

Presented at the EGU by 2k Network member Liz Thomas, authors use 79 ice-core snow accumulation records in their paper "Regional Antarctic snow accumulation over the past 1000 years", published in Climate of the Past in November 2017.

Thomas said the work was undertaken to try to put current ice losses into a broader context. Read the BBC interview with Thomas here.

Read the British Antarctic Survey press release here.

Read the Antarctica 2k paper here. It is a contribution to the upcoming 2k Network Special Issue "Climate of the past 2000 years: regional and trans-regional syntheses".