SSC members on IPCC AR6

ssc panticosa 17 cropPAGES Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) and Executive Committe (EXCOM) members Pascale Braconnot (France) and Darrell Kaufman (USA) have been selected for the IPCC Assessment Report 6 Working Group I.

Pictured at the 2017 SSC Meeting, Braconnot (middle row, white top) will be Review Editor of Chapter 8 and Kaufman (bottom row, far left) will be Lead Author in Chapter Two.

"The paleo perspective plays a key role in climate science and I’m honored to help represent our community in the IPCC process," said Kaufman. "I’m committed to integrating the paleo perspective into AR6 in a way that highlights the most policy-relevant aspects of our science – an opportunity that I’ve aspired to for many years."

PAGES congratulates them both, and all paleoscientists involved in the three working groups. The full lists of authors chosen for WG I - The Physical Science Basis, WG II - Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability and WG III - Mitigation of Climate Change will be available here soon.

The 47th Session of the IPCC will be held from 13-16 March 2018 in Paris, France. The three Working Group contributions to AR6 will be finalized in 2021.