More 2k papers in Clim. of Past

WGLogo2kNetworkThe PAGES 2k Network special issue of Climate of the Past continues to grow with recent additions covering climate variability in the subarctic and multi-proxy reconstructions of precipitation in China.

Marie Nicolle et al. use statistical and signal analyses from North Atlantic, Siberian and Alaskan regionally averaged records to investiage arctic climate variability for the last two millennia. Read their paper here.

Feng Shi et al. reconstruct the precipitation field for China for the past half millennium using 479 proxy records, including 371 tree-ring width chronologies, a tree-ring isotope chronology, and 107 drought/flood indices. Read their paper here.

Access all accepted papers in the 2k special issue, titled "Climate of the past 2000 years: global and regional syntheses", here.