IPICS White Papers

In the wake of the IPICS meetings of 2004 and 2005, the future goals of ice core research have been outlined in four White Papers summarizing the scientific objectives, as well as drilling and implementation plans.

The programs outlined in the four IPICS White Papers and to be tackled in the coming years are:

1. The oldest ice core: A 1.5 million year record of climate and greenhouse gases from Antarctica (a time period where Earth’s climate shifted from 40,000 year to 100,000 year cycles).

2. The last interglacial and beyond: A northwest Greenland deep ice core drilling project (a deep ice core in Greenland recovering an intact record of the last interglacial period)

3. The IPICS 40,000 year network: A bipolar record of climate forcing and response

4. The IPICS 2k Array: A network of ice core climate and climate forcing records for the last two millennia

5. A fifth, and critical, element of IPICS is the development of advanced ice core drilling technology. A technical white paper, entitled "Ice Core Drilling Technical Challenges" addresses this.