17.06 - 19.06.2015
Gdansk, Poland
Contact person:
Wojciech Tylmann, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

EuroMed2kThe 1st Workshop of the PAGES Varves Working Group in Tallin (2009) significantly boosted existing paleo research and inspired a number of new activities related to varved lake sediments in Poland and the Baltic States (climate and environmental change, chronology etc.).

VARVESFollowing the success of this workshop, the Varves Working Group, along with PAGES' the Euro-Med2k and LandCover6k groups will host a conference addressing climate variability and human impacts in central Europe during the last two millennia.

This meeting will be a chance for the paleo-community in Poland, the Baltic States and Eastern Europe to come together and compile existing and new data sets from Central-Eastern Europe across a broad WGLogoLandCover6K.pngvariety of archives, and to stimulate further research in line with the VWG and EuroMed2k aims.

The specific goals of the proposed conference are to collate well dated, very high resolution data sets from different archives, which can contribute to the Euro-Med2k synthesis (and broader 2k Network synthesis) in 2016/2017. Furthermore, this meeting will explore questions about early human impacts and, in particular the question of how human impacts can be quantitatively separated from impacts of climate variability.

Abstracts for oral and poster presentations are invited for the following sessions:
1. Historical  climatology & documentary data
2. Climate reconstructions from natural archives
3. Past climate modeling, data-model comparisons
4. Proxy calibration
5. Past human impacts on the environment

Information on deadlines, fees, registering

Abstracts due: 31 Janaury 2015

Fees: More in first, second, and third circulars.

A few travel stipends are available for young scientists from Central and Eastern Europe.

Conference website:


Wojciech Tylmann
Institute of Geography, Department of Geomorphology and Quaternary Geology
University of Gdansk
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This conference is co-sponsored by

PAGES 2k Network and Euro-Med 2k
PAGES Varves Working Group
PAGES LandCover6k
PSRP Climpol

Confirmed Invited Speakers include

Ulf Büntgen (CH), Rudolf Brázdil (CZ), Janusz Filipiak (PL), Marie-José Gallard-Lemdahl (SE), Juan-Jose Gomez-Navarro (CH), Martin Grosjean (CH), Ivan Hernandez-Almeida (CH), Zoltan Kern (HU), Andrea Kiss (HU), Mariusz Lamentowicz (PL), Isabelle Larocque (CH), Juerg Luterbacher (DE), Anneli Poska (EE), Rajmund Przybylak (PL), Olga N. Solomina (RU), Wojciech Tylmann (PL), Bernd Zolitschka (DE)

Post-meeting material

> Climate variability and human impacts in Central and Eastern Europe during the last two millennia. Abstract volume, 2015.