14.05 - 16.05.2010
McGill University, Montreal, Canada
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Analyses of nitrogen isotopic ratios in marine sediments of the Quaternary have proliferated rapidly in recent years. However, this has often occurred in a piecemeal fashion, with many individual records developed in isolation, whereas the global nitrogen cycle operates as a single global continuum.

This 1st workshop of the PAGES-IMAGES Working Group NICOPP (Nitrogen Cycle in the Oceans, Past and Present) will be held to assess the current state of d15N analyses at the global scale, to identify common problems, and to define strategies for progress. A key outcome of the workshop will be a synthesis of existing Quaternary-recent marine sedimentary d15N records, with the goal of producing a global database. To this end, we particularly encourage applications from investigators with suitable d15N records to participate.

Post-meeting material

Presentations from the 1st workshop of PAGES' NICOPP working group entitled: Sedimentary d15N - surface sediment distribution and records of Quaternary variability, which took place at McGill University in Montreal, Canada from 14-16 May 2010. (link)