National PAGES

To encourage members to participate in the PAGES community and to promote collaborations and linkages at the national level, we have national contacts who are well informed about PAGES and its activities, who speak your language, and who can tell you how your interaction with us will benefit both you and the greater paleo-community.
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One of PAGES aims is to help strengthen national scientific communities in order to facilitate the transfer of information, knowledge and experience. We offer any scientist interested in highlighting their national communities a separate national section of the PAGES website.

Current National PAGES

Romania Bulgaria Serbia France Hungary South Africa USA (Hawaii) USA (Alaska) Morocco Switzerland Kenya Ethiopia Canada Chile Colombia USA Turkey Lithuania Indonesia Japan Finland Russia China New Zealand Australia Czech Republic United Kingdom Germany Poland

Country Subscribers
- Ethiopia 10
- Kenya 16
- Morocco 7
- South Africa 25
Australia 101
Bulgaria 9
Canada 156
Chile 39
China 215
Colombia 31
Czech Republic 20
Finland 40
France 175
Germany 351
Hungary 24
Indonesia 17
Japan 75
Lithuania 7
New Zealand 34
Poland 42
Romania 18
Russia 136
Serbia 4
Spain 83
Switzerland 290
Turkey 9
UK 392
USA 844

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