CVAS people

Steering Group members

Heather Andres (ECR; climate modeling, attribution, model-data comparison)
Mathieu Casado (ECR; ice-core records and proxy recording systems; PAGES ECN representative)
Michel Crucifix (theoretical climate dynamics)
Anne de Vernal (marine records)
Christian Franzke (theoretical meteorology, methods)
Raphaël Hébert (ECR; pollen records and nonlinear methods; mailing list administrator; PAGES ECN representative)
Thomas Laepple (group leader; statistics, proxy recording systems; mailing list administrator)
Fabrice Lambert (data liaison officer; ice-core records)
Gerrit Lohmann (climate modeling, dynamical system theory)
Shaun Lovejoy (nonlinear geophysics)
Cristian Proistosescu (ECR; statistics, conceptual climate models)
Kira Rehfeld (statistics, climate modeling)

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