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Website on Andean glaciers

The “Glaciares de Argentina” website is a non-profit, purely educational initiative designed for discussion and dissemination of everything related to Andean glaciers in Argentina. The idea is to include news, specialists' notes, information on the glaciers that have been studied so far in the country, interesting links, research projects, etc., and to keep extending and improving the website with material from new study areas, ongoing or concluded investigations, etc.

The site was created and is maintained by personnel of IANIGLA, Mendoza and is hosted at the National University of Cuyo web servers. For now, the contents are only in Spanish because the main purpose of the site is to reach a broad audience in Argentina and neighboring countries, where English is not usually read or spoken fluently. Comments or suggestions are always welcome and should be addressed to the moderator of the site, Mariano Masiokas.