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The VICS working group supports research focused on reconstructing the history of past explosive volcanism, in addition to research utilizing this knowledge to better understand how the climate system responds to changes in radiative forcing, and how societies have been impacted by and responded to the resulting climatic shocks.

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- Improve and extend reconstructions of past volcanic eruptions and their associated regional and global radiative impacts from a variety of proxy sources.
- Advance physical understanding of different components of the climate system through analysis of their responses to volcanic forcing as recorded in climate proxies and simulated by climate models.
- Support investigation of the response of societies to sudden climate shocks resulting from volcanic eruptions.


Matthew Toohey (Group Lead and Mailing List Administrator)
Kevin Anchukaitis
Allegra N. LeGrande
Francis Ludlow
Michael Sigl
Celine Vidal


Phase 1
 Phase 2