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The Global Paleofire Working Group (GPWG) develops and analyses fire history records using the Global Charcoal Database (GCD) in order to understand what controls fire and its impacts on a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. We employ diverse data sources, an open-access database, statistical tools, and models.

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- Understand how and why fire history has varied in different biomes since the last glacial period.
- Identify best practices for using fire history data to inform modern risk assessment and management practices.
- Use data and models to understand how changing disturbance regimes alter species composition and distributions under changing climate and land-use conditions.
- Integrate diverse datasets and models to understand how human activities and climate changes shape and respond to changing fire patterns.

Key findings

- Fire has generally increased as global temperatures have warmed since the Last Glacial period, especially in temperate latitudes.
- The spatial expression of burning has become much more variable throughout the Holocene, as humans increasingly altered fire regimes.
- A key challenge for scientists using sediment-based fire-history reconstructions is to conduct more calibration studies, so that fire history changes can be better quantified.


Chair: Boris Vannière (CNRS, Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté, France)
Co-chair: Jennifer Marlon (Yale University, USA)




Vannière B, Blarquez O, Rius D, Doyen E, Brücher T, Colombaroli D, Connor S, Feurdean A, Hickler T, Lemmen C, Leys B, Massa C & Olofsson J (2016) 7000-year human legacy of elevation-dependent European fire regimes. Quaternary Science Reviews 132: 206–212, DOI:10.1016/j.quascirev.2015.11.012 (link)
Marlon JR, Kelly R, Daniau A-L, Vannière B, Power MJ, Bartlein P, Higuera P, Blarquez O, Brewer S, Brücher T, Feurdean A, Gil Romera G, Iglesias V, Maezumi SY, Magi B, Courtney Mustaphi CJ & Zhihai T (2016) Reconstructions of biomass burning from sediment-charcoal records to improve data–model comparisons , Biogeosciences 13 (11): 3225-3244, DOI:10.5194/bg-13-3225-2016 (link)