Special issues

Special issues (and all of the articles) emerging from PAGES groups, projects, or meetings. Only special issues acknowleding PAGES or the Working Group are listed.

Special issues emerging from PAGES activities.
Individual articles within the special issues.
Name Author Journal Year Image
Individual and combined effects of ice sheets and precession on MIS-13 climate
Special issue articles
Yin QZ, Berger A & Crucifix M Climate of the Past 2009
Magnetic susceptibility study of Late Quaternary inner continental shelf sediments in the Hong Kong SAR, China
Special issue articles
Yim WW-S, Huang G & Chan LS Quaternary International 2004
The evolution of dry lands in northern China and in the Republic of Mongolia since the Last Glacial Maximum
Special issue articles
Yang X, Rost KT, Lehmkuhl F, Zhenda Z & Dodson J Quaternary International 2004
Recharge to the inter-dune lakes and Holocene climatic changes in the Badain Jaran Desert, western China
Special issue articles
Yang X, Ma N, Dong J, Zhu B, Xu B, Ma Z & Liu J Quaternary Research 2010
Hydrological and climatic changes in deserts of China since the late Pleistocene
Special issue articles
Yang X & Scuderi LA Quaternary Research 2010
Chemistry and late Quaternary evolution of ground and surface waters in the area of Yabulai Mountains, western Inner Mongolia, China
Special issue articles
Yang X CATENA 2006
Chemical weathering of the loess deposits in the lower Changjiang Valley, China, and paleoclimatic implications
Special issue articles
Yang SY, Li CX, Yang DY & Li XS Quaternary International 2004
Late Holocene monsoonal temperate glacier fluctuations on the Tibetan Plateau
Special issue articles
Yang B, Bräuning A, Dong Z, Zhang Z & Keqing J Global and Planetary Change 2008
Stable Oxygen and Carbon Isotope Variations as Monsoon Proxies: A Comparative Study of Speleothems from Four Different Locations in India
Special issue articles
Yadava MG & Ramesh R Journal of the Geological Society of India 2006
Extreme rainfall years in Benin (West Africa)
Special issue articles
Yabi I & Afouda F Quaternary International 2012
Climatic and ecological implications of Late Pliocene Palynoflora from Longling, Yunnan, China
Special issue articles
Xu J-X, Ferguson DK, Li C-S, Wang Y-F & Du N-Q Quaternary International 2004
A 108.83-m ice-core record of atmospheric dust deposition at Mt. Qomolangma (Everest), Central Himalaya
Special issue articles
Xu J, Hou S, Qin D, Kaspari S, Mayewski PA, Petit JR, Delmonte B, Kang S, Ren J, Chappellaz J & Hong... Quaternary Research 2010
Sedimentation rates in the lower Yellow River over the past 2300 years as influenced by human activities and climate change
Special issue articles
Xu J Hydrological Processes 2003
Major ion chemistry of waters in Lake Qinghai catchments, NE Qinghai-Tibet plateau, China
Special issue articles
Xu H, Hou Z, An Z, Liu X & Dong J Quaternary International 2010
Decreasing Indian summer monsoon on the northern Indian sub-continent during the last 180 years: evidence from five tree-ring cellulose oxygen isotope chronologies
Special issue articles
Xu C, Sano M, Priyadarshan Dimri A, Ramesh R, Nakatsuka T, Shi F & Guo Z... Climate of the Past 2018
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