EPILOG - Ice Sheets and Sea Level of the Last Glacial Maximum

Eds: Clark P & Mix A

Quaternary Science Reviews, vol. 21(1-3), 1-454, 2002

This is a special issue from EPILOG (Environmental Processes of the Ice-Age: Land, Oceans, Glaciers), which was a Working Group under IMAGES, a former PAGES Focus and a predecessor of MARGO. The papers arose from an EPILOG workshop held 1-5 October 2000 in Oregon, USA.

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> Ice sheets and sea level of the Last Glacial Maximum [p.1]
Clark P & Mix A

> The Laurentide and Innuitian ice sheets during the Last Glacial Maximum [p.9]
Dyke AS, Andrews JT, Clark PU, England JH, Miller GH, Shaw J & Veillette JJ

> The Goldilocks dilemma: big ice, little ice, or “just-right” ice in the Eastern Canadian Arctic [p.33]
Miller GH, Wolfe AP, Steig EJ, Sauer PE, Kaplan MR & Briner JP

> The Antarctic Ice Sheet during the Last Glacial Maximum and its subsequent retreat history: a review [p.49]
Anderson JB, Shipp SS, Lowe AL, Wellner JS & Mosola AB

> History and isostatic effects of the last ice sheet in southern British Columbia [p.71]
Clague JJ & James TS

> New data for the Last Glacial Maximum in Great Britain and Ireland [p.89]
Bowen DQ, Phillips FM, McCabe AM, Knutz PC & Sykes GA

> Last Glacial Maximum in Poland [p.103]
Marks L

> The extent of the Barents–Kara ice sheet during the Last Glacial Maximum [p.111]
Mangerud J, Astakhov V & Svendsen J-I

> The Russian component of an Arctic Ice Sheet during the Last Glacial Maximum [p.121]
Grosswald MG & Hughes TJ

> A note on the extent of glaciation throughout the Himalaya during the global Last Glacial Maximum [p.147]
Grosswald MG & Hughes TJ

> The timing of the Last Glacial Maximum in Australia [p.159]
Barrows TT, Stone JO, Fifield LK & Cresswell RG

> North American Ice Sheet reconstructions at the Last Glacial Maximum [p.175]
Marshall SJ, James TS & Clarke GKC

> Reconstructing the Antarctic Ice Sheet at the Last Glacial Maximum [p.193]
Denton GH & Hughes TJ

> Sea-level changes at the LGM from ice-dynamic reconstructions of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets during the glacial cycles [p.203]
Huybrechts P

> The Last Glacial Maximum and deglaciation in southern South America [p.233]
Hulton NRJ, Purves RS, McCulloch RD, Sugden DE & Bentley MJ

> Simulations of Northern Hemisphere ice-sheet retreat:: sensitivity to physical mechanisms involved during the Last Deglaciation [p.243]
Charbit S, Ritz C & Ramstein G

> Calving bays [p.267]
Hughes T

> Reconstructing a 350 ky history of sea level using planktonic Mg/Ca and oxygen isotope records from a Cocos Ridge core [p.283]
Lea DW, Martin PA, Pak DK & Spero HJ

> Sea-level and deep water temperature changes derived from benthic foraminifera isotopic records [p.295]
Waelbroeck C, Labeyrie L, Michel E, Duplessy JC, McManus JF, Lambeck K, Balbon E & Labracherie M

> Atmospheric oxygen 18 and sea-level changes [p.307]
Jouzel J, Hoffmann G, Parrenin F & Waelbroeck C

> Constraints on the ocean oxygen isotopic enrichment between the Last Glacial Maximum and the Holocene: Paleoceanographic implications [p.315]
Duplessy J-C, Labeyrie L & Waelbroeck C

> The oxygen isotopic composition of seawater during the Last Glacial Maximum [p.331]
Schrag DP, Adkins JF, McIntyre K, Alexander JL, Hodell DA, Charles CD & McManus JF

> Into and out of the Last Glacial Maximum: sea-level change during Oxygen Isotope Stages 3 and 2 [p.343]
Lambeck K, Yokoyama Y & Purcell T

> Estimating past continental ice volume from sea-level data [p.361]
Milne GA, Mitrovica JX & Schrag DP

> On eustatic sea level history: Last Glacial Maximum to Holocene [p.377]
Peltier WR

> Global to local scale parameters determining relative sea-level changes and the post-glacial isostatic adjustment of Great Britain [p.397]
Shennan I, Peltier WR, Drummond R & Horton B

> Comments on the paper of Yokoyama et al. (2000), entitled “Timing of the Last Glacial Maximum from observed sea level minima” [p.409]
Peltier WR

> Reply to the comment by W.R. Peltier [p.415]
Lambeck K, Yokoyama Y, Purcell A & Johnston P

> Isotopic balance of the Greenland Ice Sheet: modelled concentrations of water isotopes from 30,000 BP to present [p.419]
Clarke GKC & Marshall SJ

> A northern lead in the orbital band: north–south phasing of Ice-Age events [p.431]
Alley RB, Brook EJ & Anandakrishnan S

> Dansgaard–Oeschger events: is there a signal off the Hudson Strait Ice Stream? [p.443]
Andrews JT & Barber DC

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