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The impact of paleoclimate, geologic history, and human influence on the evolution of East African cichlids
Special issue articles
Twesigye CK Quaternary International 2015
Reconstruction of ancient palm vegetation landscapes using a phytolith approach
Special issue articles
Albert RM, Bamford MK & Esteban I Quaternary International 2015
Spotted, striped or brown? Taphonomic studies at dens of extant hyaenas in eastern and southern Africa
Special issue articles
Fourvel J-B, Fosse P & Avery G Quaternary International 2015
Palaeoclimates, plasticity, and the early dispersal of Homo sapiens
Special issue articles
Grove M Quaternary International 2015
Observed and simulated changes in the water balance components over Malawi, during 1971–2000
Special issue articles
Ngongondo C, Xub CY, Tallaksen LM & Alemaw B Quaternary International 2015
The “big bang” in East African Quaternary studies
Special issue articles
Posnansky M Quaternary International 2015
Equatorial eastern Africa: Quaternary climate change and variability
Special issue articles
Ogola CA, Asrat A, Rucina S & Ichumbaki EB Quaternary International 2015
Long-term ecological trends of flow-dependent ecosystems in a major regulated river basin
Special issue articles
Colloff MJ, Caley P, Saintilan N, Pollino CA & Crossman ND... Marine and Freshwater Research 2015
Low survival rather than breeding success explains little penguin population decline on Granite Island
Special issue articles
Colobelli-Negrel D Marine and Freshwater Research 2015
Phylogenetic diversity within the endemic brown trout Duero lineage: implications for conservation and management
Special issue articles
Vera M, Garcia-Marin, Martinez P & Bouza C Marine and Freshwater Research 2015
Significant genetic structure despite high vagility revealed through mitochondrial phylogeography of an Australian freshwater turtle (Chelodina longicollis)
Special issue articles
Hodges K, Donnellan S & Georges A Marine and Freshwater Research 2015
Glassfish switch feeding from thalassinid larvae to crab zoeae after tidal inundation of saltmarsh
Special issue articles
McPfee JJ, Freewater P, Gladstone W, Platell ME & Schreider MJ... Marine and Freshwater Research 2015
Electroreception in the obligate freshwater stingray, Potamotrygon motoro
Special issue articles
Harris LL, Bedore CN & Kajiura SM Marine and Freshwater Research 2015
Range and habitat associations of the native macroalga Caulerpa filiformis in New South Wales, Australia
Special issue articles
Marine and Freshwater Research 2015
New opportunities for conservation of a threatened biogenic habitat: a worldwide assessment of knowledge on bivalve-reef representation in marine and coastal Ramsar Sites
Special issue articles
Kasoar T, zu Ermgassen PSE, Carranza A, Hancock B & Spalding M... Marine and Freshwater Research 2015
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