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Impact of physical properties and accumulation rate on pore close-off in layered firn
Special issue articles
Gregory SA, Albert MR and Baker I The Cryosphere 2014
Diffusive equilibration of N2, O2 and CO2 mixing ratios in a 1.5-million-years-old ice core
Special issue articles
Bereiter B, Fischer H, Schwander J & Stocker TF The Cryosphere 2014
Influence of regional precipitation patterns on stable isotopes in ice cores from the central Himalayas
Special issue articles
Pang H, Hou S, Kaspari S & Mayewski PA The Cryosphere 2014
Gas diffusivity and permeability through the firn column at Summit, Greenland: measurements and comparison to microstructural properties
Special issue articles
Adolph AC & Albert MR The Cryosphere 2014
High-resolution 900 year volcanic and climatic record from the Vostok area, East Antarctica
Special issue articles
Osipov EY, Khodzher TV, Golobokova LP, Onischuk NA, Lipenkov VY, Ekaykin AA, Shibaev YA & Osipova OP... The Cryosphere 2014
Spatial–temporal dynamics of chemical composition of surface snow in East Antarctica along the Progress station–Vostok station transect
Special issue articles
Khodzher TV, Golobokova LP, Osipov EY, Shibaev YA, Lipenkov VY, Osipova OP & Petit JR... The Cryosphere 2014
Human–environment interactions: towards synthesis and simulation
Special issue articles
Dearing J, Battarbee R, Dikau R, Larocque I & Oldfield F... Regional Environmental Change 2006
Past and future perspectives upon landscape instability in Cumbria, northwest England
Special issue articles
Chiverrell RC Regional Environmental Change 2006
Land cover change and abrupt environmental impacts on Javan volcanoes, Indonesia: a long-term perspective on recent events
Special issue articles
Lavigne F & Gunnell Y Regional Environmental Change 2006
Climate and human impact on lowland lake sedimentation in Central Coastal California: the record from c. 650 ad to the present
Special issue articles
Plater AJ, Boyle JF, Mayers C, Turner SD & Stroud RW... Regional Environmental Change 2006
Soil erosion response to climatic change and human activity during the Quaternary on the Loess Plateau, China
Special issue articles
He X, Zhou J, Zhang X & Tang K Regional Environmental Change 2006
Historical deforestation as a cause of alluviation in small valleys, subcarpathian loess plateau, Poland
Special issue articles
Klimek K, Lanczont M & Nogaj-Chachaj J Regional Environmental Change 2006
Holocene fire history from the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, New South Wales, Australia: the climate, humans and fire nexus
Special issue articles
Black MP & Mooney SD Regional Environmental Change 2006
Sequential impacts of Polynesian and European settlement on vegetation and environmental processes recorded in sediments at Whangapoua Estuary, Great Barrier Island, New Zealand
Special issue articles
Regional Environmental Change 2006
Using diatoms to assess the impacts of prehistoric, pre-industrial and modern land-use on Danish lakes
Special issue articles
Bradshaw EG, Nielsen AB & Anderson NJ Regional Environmental Change 2006
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