Holocene Dust Dynamics

Eds: De Vleeschouwer F, Stuut J-BW & Lambert F

The Holocene, vol. 30(4), 489-596, 2020

This Special Issue is partly an outcome from discussions held at the PAGES DICE working group workshop at Las Cruces, Chile, in January 2018. The aim of the Special Issue is to contribute to a better understanding of the role of dust aerosols by analysing the evolution and climatic impact of atmospheric dust over long and short timescales within the Holocene.

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> Holocene dust dynamics: Introduction to the special issue
François De Vleeschouwer, Jan-Berend W Stuut and Fabrice Lambert

Research Papers

> 14 kyr of atmospheric mineral dust deposition in north-eastern China: A record of palaeoclimatic and palaeoenvironmental changes in the Chinese dust source regions
Steve Pratte, Kunshan Bao, Atindra Sapkota, Wenfang Zhang, Ji Shen, Gaël Le Roux and François De Vleeschouwer

> Holocene atmospheric dust deposition in NW Spain
Antonio Martínez Cortizas, Olalla López-Costas, Lisa Orme, Tim Mighall, Malin E Kylander, Richard Bindler and Ángela Gallego Sala

> Dust deposition tracks late-Holocene shifts in monsoon activity and the increasing role of human disturbance in the Puna-Altiplano, northwest Argentina
James Hooper, Samuel K Marx, Jan-Hendrik May, Liliana C Lupo, Julio J Kulemeyer, Elizabeth de los Á Pereira, Osamu Seki, Henk Heijnis, David Child, Patricia Gadd and Atun Zawadzki

> New insights on sources contributing dust to the loess record of the western edge of the Pampean Plain during the transition from the late MIS 2 to the early Holocene
Gabriela Torre, Diego M Gaiero, Nicolás Juan Cosentino, Renata Coppo and André Oliveira-Sawakuchi

> Holocene dust in East Antarctica: Provenance and variability in time and space
Barbara Delmonte, Holly Winton, Mélanie Baroni, Giovanni Baccolo, Margareta Hansson, Per Andersson, Carlo Baroni, Maria Cristina Salvatore, Luca Lanci and Valter Maggi

> Dust-drought interactions over the last 15,000 years: A network of lake sediment records from the San Juan Mountains, Colorado
Stephanie H Arcusa, Nicholas P McKay, Cody C Routson and Samuel E Munoz

> Atmospheric dust dynamics in southern South America: A 14-year modern dust record in the loessic Pampean region
Nicolás J Cosentino, Diego M Gaiero, Gabriela Torre, Andrea I Pasquini, Renata Coppo, Juan M Arce and Georgina Vélez

> Dust deposition drives microbial metabolism in a remote, high-elevation catchment
Amy Bigelow, Natalie Mladenov, David Lipson and Mark Williams

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