11 (1): Rates of Change

Eds: Kull C & Paul A

PAGES news, vol. 11(1), 1-24, 2003


This issue of PAGES news addresses rates of change. How fast did the climate system respond in the past? Estimates of past rates of change provide us with a long-term perspective on recent changes and help us to appreciate their magnitude. Furthermore, they give us a taste of how rapid climate change may operate in the future.

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> Rates of Change [p.2]
A. Paul and C. Kull

Science Highlights

> Past Rates of Carbon Dioxide Changes and their Relevance for Future Climate [p.6-8]
T.F. Stocker and E. Monnin

> Rates of Change in the Upper Treeline Ecotone in the Polar Ural Mountains [p.8-10]
S.G. Shiyatov

> Rates of Change in Oak Forest Distribution During the Last Deglaciation [p.11-12]
R. Cheddadi

> Alpine Glacier Mass Changes During the Past Two Millennia [p.13-15]
W. Haeberli and H. Holzhauser

> Cyclical Climatic-Environmental Changes in the Mediterranean Area (2500 BP-Present Day) [p.15-17]
F. Ortolani and S. Pagliuca

> Abrupt Warming of the Intermediate-Depth Atlantic Ocean in Response to Thermohaline Circulation Slowdown During the Last Deglaciation [p.17-19]
C. Rühlemann, S. Mulitza, G. Lohmann, A. Paul, M. Prange and G. Wefer

> Past Rates of Sea Level Change [p.19-21]
N. Harvey

Program News

> The German Climate Research Programme DEKLIM [p.4]

Workshop Reports

> LIMPACS Workshop: Long-Term Response to Reduced Nutrient Loading [p.22]
> Late Quaternary Environmental Change – “Emerging Issues” [p.23]

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