20 (1): Paired Perspectives on Global Change

Eds: Bondre NR, Kiefer T & von Gunten L

PAGES news, vol. 20(1), 1-56, 2012


This newsletter features paired perspectives that address the present and the past as two sides of the same coin, seeking to provide a window into the future. It also provides information on recently held meetings and program news.

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Individual Newsletter Articles


 > Front Cover
 > Inside PAGES [p.2]
 > Eulogy: Mohammed Umer Mohammed [p.3]

Program News

 > Ocean2k Working group – Call for participation [p.4]
 > Scientific Ocean Drilling: Voyage of Discovery beyond 2013 [p.5]
 > SCOR/IGBP working group on modern planktonic foraminifera kicked off [p.6]


 > Harnessing the past and the present in the service of the future [p.7]
N.R Bondre and T. Kiefer 

Science Highlights

Earth System models: How well do Earth system models simulate the dynamics of global change?
 > Present [p.8]
T. Lenton  
 > Past [p.9]
M. Kageyama 

Climate sensitivity: How sensitive is Earth’s climate to CO2?
 > Present [p.10]
M. Collins and D. Long
 > Past [p.11]
G.A. Schmidt

Carbon cycle dynamics: How are major carbon sinks and sources varying with global change?
 > Present [p.12]
D. Schimel 
 > Past [p.13]
F. Joos

Ocean circulation: Does large-scale ocean overturning circulation vary with climate change?
 > Present [p.14]
T. Kanzow and M. Visbeck
 > Past [p.15]
L. Skinner

Marine nutrient cycling: How will the ocean’s capacity of biological carbon pumping vary?
 > Present [p.16]
C. Lancelot
 > Past [p.17]
A. Schmittner

Arctic sea ice: When will the Arctic Ocean become ice-free and what will be the effects? 
 > Present [p.18]
M.C. Serreze and J.C. Stroeve
 > Past [p.19]
L. Polyak

Aerosols and climate: How sensitive is earth’s climate to atmospheric aerosols?
 > Present [p.20]
S. Albani and N. Mahowald
 > Past [p.21]
A. Ganopolski

Land cover change: To what degree does human land cover dynamics affect climate change?
 > Present [p.22]
B. van den Hurk, S.I. Seneviratne and L. Battle-Bayer
 > Past [p.23]
J.O. Kaplan

Fire: Are we facing an increase in wildfires?
 > Present [p.24]
A.L. Westerling
 > Past [p.25]
S.P. Harrison and P.J. Bartlein

Monsoon climate: Will summer rain increase or decrease in monsoon regions?
 > Present [p.26]
B. Wang
 > Past [p.27]
H. Cheng, A. Sinha and S.M. Colman

El Niño-Southern Oscillation: What is the outlook for ENSO?
 > Present [p.28]
 A. Clement
 > Past [p.29]
 J. Emile-Geay

Sea level rise: How much and how fast will sea level rise over the coming centuries?
 > Present [p.30]
 A. Cazenave
 > Past [p.31]
M. Siddall and D. Pollard

Hurricanes and Typhoons: Will tropical cyclones become stronger and more frequent?
 > Present [p.32]
T.R. Knutson, I.M. Held and G.A. Vecchi
 > Past [p.33]
P. Lane and J.P. Donnelly

Vulnerability of coastlines: How do environment changes affect coastlines and river deltas?
 > Present [p.34] 
J. Syvitski
 > Past [p.35]
E. Leorri and D. Mallinson

Ocean Acidification: How will ongoing ocean acidification affect marine life?
 > Present [p.36]   
J.P. Gattuso
 > Past [p.37]
E. Thomas

Water resources: How severe will freshwater shortages be on a regional scale?
 > Present [p.38]
R. Harding
 > Past [p.39]
E.R. Cook

Ecosystems: How do ecosystems and associated services respond to climate change?
 > Present [p.40]  
S. Lavorel
 > Past [p.41]
S.T. Jackson

Abrupt changes: To what extent are tipping points a concern in coping with global change?
 > Present [p.42]
D. Lemoine
 > Past [p.43]
D. Dahl-Jensen

Open Science Highlights

 > Is there a global Holocene climate mode? [p.44-45]
H. Wanner and S. Brönnimann

Workshop Reports

 > 2nd PAGES 2k Network Meeting: Review of status and plans for synthesis [p.46]
 > 1st Workshop of the PAGES Antarctica2k Working Group [p.47]
 > The nitrogen cycle in the ocean, past and present [p.48]
 > Open PHAROS workshop on "Sediment and carbon fluxes under human impact and climate change" [p.49]
 > Ice sheet modeling, sea level and isostasy [p.50]
 > Tropical Climate Variability with a focus on Last Millennium, Mid-Holocene and Last Glacial Maximum [p.51-52]
 > North American Dendroclimatic Data: Compilation, Characterization, and Spatiotemporal Analysis [p.52]
 > 3rd Polar Marine Diatom Taxonomy and Ecology Workshop [p.53-54]
 > Climate change in the Carpathian-Balkan region during the Late Pleistocene and Holocene [p.54]
 > International conference of young scientists “Land-Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions in the Changing World” [p.55]

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