Science and society facing climate change - Jason Smerdon

Jason Smerdon

, 2014

In this 19 minute presentation, given as part of the public outreach event, Science and society facing climate change, do we understand each other? in Madrid on 5 November 2013, Jason Smerdon briefly discusses climate modeling, climate change projections, and how information from the past is used to compare and test model estimates.

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Key points:

- The Earth is warming and we are causing it.
- Climate modeling: How maths, physics, chemistry, and computers are used in climate models to make future climate projections.
- Uncertainty and scenarios: Discusses the IPCC climate change scenarios (2013) and highlights the large range of uncertainty and the importance of the choices we make.
- How past Earth history is used to test futures and compare model estimates. For example, the Pliocene Epoch was the last time that CO2 was at comparable levels to the present day. We can look at the past and see what effects it had on the planet.

This outreach event was part of the Madrid Science Week programme, and featured a number of members from the PAGES 2k and PMIP3 communities who were in Madrid attending a joint PAGES-supported workshop entitled: Integrated analyses of reconstructions and multi-model simulations for the past two millennia (4-6 November 2013).

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