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Abstract volumes of PAGES meetings.
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Posters and presentations from PAGES meetings.
Other outputs from PAGES meetings.
Name Author Journal Year Image
Possible Added Value of an RCM for the Study of Past Climate Changes
Posters & presentations
Russo E & Cubasch U 2017
Climate Trends Changing Threads in the Prehistoric Pannonian Plain
Posters & presentations
Russo E & Grabundzija A 2017
Varve 99, Laminated Sediments Workshop at Lammi, Finland April 1997
Saarnisto M, Saarinen T & Tiljander M 1999
Dynamic ice sheet and sea level response to past climate change
Workshop reports
Sandstrom MR, Skrivanek A & Shakun J Eos 2018
Intra- and interhemispheric variability of SST and the hydrological cycle over the last 4 Myr
Workshop reports
Sarnthein M, Schneider R & Stott L 2007
CLIVAR/PAGES Workshop Report: Using paleo-climate model/data comparisons to constrain future projections
Workshop reports
Schmidt GA, Guilyardi E, Kageyama M, Mann ME, Masson-Delmotte V & Timmermann A... 2012
Poster: Using paleo-climate model/data comparisons to constrain future projections
Posters & presentations
Schmidt GA, Masson-Delmotte V, Mann ME, Kageyama M, Guilyardi E & Timmermann A... 2012
MARGO: Multiproxy Approach for the Reconstruction of the Glacial Ocean Surface
Schneider R, Waelbroeck C, Kucera M & Weinelt M 2002
GNIP - Global Network for Isotopes in Precipitation
Workshop reports
Schotterer U & Oldfield F 1996
A 125-year record of climate and chemistry variability at the Pine Island Glacier ice divide, Antarctica
Posters & presentations
Schwanck F et al. 2017
Neolithic and Bronze Age pastoralism affects mountain forest dynamics in the Swiss Alps
Posters & presentations
Schwörer C & Hafner A 2017
A fresh cut on precipitation and floods in a warmer world - the Last Interglacial
Posters & presentations
Scussolini P et al. 2017
Assessment of variability and distribution of drought over the Kievan Rus' territories during the 11-17 centuries
Posters & presentations
Semenova I 2017
Droughts of the last centenary period in Ukraine
Posters & presentations
Semenova I & Ovcharuk V 2017
Antidorcas evolution and dietary adaptations in changing palaeoenvironments in southern Africa
Posters & presentations
Sewell L 2017