PAGES 2nd Open Science Meeting: Paleoclimate, Environmental Sustainability and our Future

OSM poster authors

, 2005

These are some of the posters submitted to PAGES 2nd Open Science Meeting held from 10-12 August 2005 in Beijing, China.

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First author Title
PAGES China PAGES in China
Saber Al-Rousan Anthropogenic CO2 signals recorded in stable isotopes of planktonic foraminifera from the northern Gulf of Aqaba, Jordan
Cheng-Bang An Climate Change and the Qijia Collapse: 4,000 cal. yr B.P. marks the end of an era in China’s western Loess Plateau
Loukas Barton Human adaptations to the Last Glacial Maximum: Technology and risk in China’s Western Loess Plateau
Abdelfattah Benkaddour Stable isotope records of Holocene environmental changes from Moroccan Lakes: an emerging synthesis
Amalava Bhattacharyya Post glacial climatic changes based on pollen from glacio-lacustrine sediments of Gangotri Glacier, Western Himalaya, India
Vyacheslav A. Bol'shakov Problems of the orbital theory of paleoclimate: A new way for their solution
Hemant Borgaonkar Recent warming over western Himalaya, India observed from tree-ring estimates since A.D. 1603
Stefan Brönnimann ENSO effects in the North Atlantic-European sector—a paleo-perspective
Marcelo Cancela Lisboa Cohen Amazonian mangrove dynamics during the last millennium: The relative sea-level and the Little Ice Age
John Carter Ancient record of atmospheric 13CO2 from phytolith occluded carbon
Yuan-Pin Chang Orbital variations of East Asian monsoon-induced precipitation and productivity in the western Pacific
Narayan Prasad Chaulagain Expected effects of temperature rise on glacier extent and long-term water availability in the Nepal Himalayas
Fa-Hu Chen Holocene environmental change inferred from high-resolution pollen records of inland lake deposits, arid China
Guoqiang Chu Dinocyst lamination—a natural clock of freshwater “red tide” recorded in lacustrine sediment
Darren Crook Environmental crisis in the Erhai catchment, Yunnan Province, China 1000 CE to present
Michel Crucifix Cloud feedback in an ensemble of ice age experiments
Moumita Das Linking up the Sun and Indian summer monsoon rain through ocean sediments Batist An 18,000-year multiproxy lacustrine record of climate variability in south-central Chile (40°S): Lago Puyehue, Chilean Lake District
Tao Deng Late Cenozoic climate and habitat change in northwestern China from the carbon isotopic record of herbivore tooth enamel
Ian Fairchild Karstic systems and the preservation of paleoenvironmental signals by speleothems
Juan Pedro Ferrio Carbon isotope composition of fossil charcoal as a new paleoenvironmental proxy
Sascha Flögel The hydrological cycle on a greenhouse Earth—different from today
Silvia Frisia The Younger Dryas in the Italian Alps: Climate and cultural evolution
Shu Gao Holocene mud deposits on coasts and shelves: Processes and environmental records
Quansheng Ge Reconstruction of 1736-1911 high resolution precipitation over China using historical archives of the Qing Dynasty
Joëlle L.Gergis Multiproxy approaches to El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) reconstruction: Integrating evidence from tree-ring, coral, ice core and documentary archives, A.D. 1525-2002
Francis Grousset High latitude “icy Heinrich events” vs. tropical “dusty Heinrich-like events”: Are they teleconnected?
Zhengtang Guo 22 Myr-climate history recorded in eolian deposits in China
Marina Gurskaya Frost rings in spruce wood on the upper tree-line on the South Ural Mountains
Arghya Hait Responses of mangrove to Holocene environmental change, Western Ganga-Brahmaputra Delta, India
Rashit Hantemirov Extreme temperature events in summer in northwest Siberia since 100 BC inferred from tree rings
Jun Inoue Fire history reconstructed from microscopic charcoal analysis of sediments from Lake Biwa and adjacent areas, central Japan
Wenying Jiang Reconstruction of climate and vegetation changes for Lake Bayanchagan (Inner Mongolia): Holocene variability of East Asian monsoon
Zhangdong Jin An early-Pleistocene environment of a Tibetan lake related to climatic change and tectonic activity
Anupama K. Reconstruction of Late Holocene Northeast Monsoon from pollen analysis of sediment sections in a rain-fed irrigation reservoir, Tamil Nadu, India
Olga Korsakova Late Pleistocene interglacial marine sequences in White Sea depression
Stanislav Kutuzov The retreat of Tien Shan glaciers (Central Asia) since the "Little Ice Age" obtained from moraine positions, aerial photographs and satellite images
Peter Köhler Proposing a mechanistic understanding of atmospheric CO2 during the last 740,000 years - a contribution to the EPICA challenge
Shijie Li Holocene environmental and climatic change events derived from a meromictic lake sediment record on the Tibetan Plateau
Zongxiu Liu Carbon isotopic composition of live land snails from the Chinese Loess Plateau as an indicator of their diets
Zaihua Liu Hydrochemical and isotope characteristics of spring water and travertine in the Baishuitai area (SW China) and their meaning for paleoenvironmental reconstruction
Xiaodong Liu Geochemical record for the historical penguin population in "Mochou" lake sediments on the Larsemann Hills, East Antarctica
Huayu Lu Lagged response of the East Asian monsoon to insolation forcing, inferred from late Quaternary aeolian activity in the Mu Us and Otindag sand-lands (north China)
Xueqiang Lu Variability in recent sedimentation rates and its implication of human activity: Ise Bay, Japan
Houyuan Lu Phytoliths as quantitative indicators for the reconstruction of past environmental conditions in China: Phytolith-based transfer functions
David Madsen Early human adaptation to the Tibetan Plateau
José Ignacio Martinez The response of foraminifera and coccolithophorid assemblages to sea-surface productivity induced by a transient climate change: Panama Basin during the last deglaciation
Syed Masood Ahmad A 70-ka stable isotope and organic carbon record from a deep-sea sediment core in the Bay of Bengal
Steffen Mischke Ostracod-inferred lake evolution in northwestern Inner Mongolia during the last 2500 years
Ines Mügler Compound-specific hydrogen isotope ratios of n-alkanes: A novel tool to reconstruct paleohydrology and paleoclimate on the Tibetan Plateau
Jian Ni Pollen-based reconstruction of vegetation in China during the mid-Holocene and Last Glacial Maximum using a global scheme of plant functional types
Lydia Olaka Integration of remote sensing and GIS to assess human impact on ecosystem change in Nyando River basin (Kenya)
Prasanta Kumar Panigrahi Accurate extraction of multiple periodic variations in Himalayan tree ring widths through wavelet transform
Frederic Parrenin New modeling of the Vostok ice flow line and implication for the glaciological chronology of the Vostok ice core
Rita Pongracz Millennial analysis of reconstructed climate in the Carpathian Basin on the basis of coded written sources
David Reusch Self-organizing maps in review: Recent applications in polar (paleo)climatology
David Rhode Latest Pleistocene/Holocene environments and loess deposition at Heima He, southern Qinghai Lake, western China
C. Neil Roberts Late Holocene landscape disturbance and recovery: An East Mediterranean case study
Kathleen Rühland Variations in monsoon intensity and climate over the last 3,000 years triggered marked changes in a Himalayan peatland, India
Akiko Sakai Reconstruction of glacier runoff using ice core data since the 1600s, northwest China
Anju Saxena Paleomonsoon and paleovegetation reconstruction during the Holocene in the Ganga Plain: Examples from Lahurdewa Lake
Daniel T. Selbie Millennial cyclicity in Canadian sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) production: A window into large-scale environmental forcing mechanisms
Santosh Shah Tree-ring analysis of tropical Indian trees with special emphasis on Tectona grandis and Cedrela toona
Indra Bir Singh Paleoenvironmental changes in the Ganga Plain deduced from proxy records in lake fill sequences
Bettina Stefanini Vegetation response to climate change in Ireland and north-west Spain over the last 4500 years
Youbin Sun Late Pliocene-Pleistocene changes in dust flux to the central Chinese Loess Plateau
Indrani Suryaprakash Modern pollen spectra from surface peat bogs of the Nilgiris, Western Ghats
Ming Tan Abrupt cooling: Can we make predictions?
Jun Tian Quaternary upper ocean thermal gradient variations in the South China Sea: Implication of East Asian monsoon climate
Valentina Ukraintseva Use of the Index of Similarity for the assessment of fossil spore-pollen spectra
Svetlana Vidyakina Temperature variations describing the Arctic environment using the European North as an example
Antje Voelker Mixed layer characteristics in the eastern Gulf of Cadiz during Dansgaard-Oeschger Interstadials 6 – 11
Xu Wang Black carbon records in Chinese Loess Plateau over the last two glacial cycles and implications for paleofires
Xianyan Wang Origin of the Red Earthy deposit at the Northeastern Tibetan Plateau (China) and its implication to regional desiccation since the middle Miocene
Nanne Weber Timescale dependence of the NH temperature response to volcanic and solar forcing in the last millennium
Raphael Wust A 50-ka Pb-isotope record from the southern hemisphere - Lynch's Crater, Queensland, Australia - and its implications for climate change
Shangbin Xiao Coherence between solar variability and the East Asian Monsoon during the past 7600 years
Shouye Yang Evolution of the Changjiang in relation to the Tibetan Plateau uplift: Geochemical constraints of Quaternary sediments in the Changjiang Delta
Yi Yi A multiproxy paleolimnology study on a shallow delta lake in Northern Canada
Qiuzhen Yin Reticular red soils in South China and its implications for East-Asian monsoon
Xuebin Yin A 2000-year record of mercury and lead level and Asia-Pacific civilization in red-footed booby droppings of South China Sea
Shoubing Yu Holocene lake level changes of Zigetang Lake, Tibetan Plateau
Zhen-ke Zhang From the catchment to the Lake: Magnetic susceptibility of soils and lacustrine sediments in the Longgan Lake Basin, Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River, China
Meiliang Zhang Records of carbon and oxygen isotopes and paleoclimate reconstruction from a stalagmite from Shuinan Cave, Guilin
Sanping Zhao A 1300-year record of seabird population on Dongdao Island of South China Sea in response to climate change
Yan Zhao Ocean feedbacks on the Afro-Asian summer Monsoon during the Mid-Holocene
Jingyun Zheng The Inter-decadal climate variability in eastern China during the past 2000 years
Yali Zhou Optically stimulated luminescence dating sand-loess system in Mu Us and Otindag Deserts in North China
Xiaoyan Zhu Carbon isotopic records from stalagmites and the signification of paleoecological environment in the area of Guangxi-Guizhou

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