Workshop reports

Reports on PAGES sponsored workshops, not published in PAGES magazine.

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Name Author Journal Year Image
IDEAL - An International Decade for the East African Lakes - Workshop Report
Workshop reports
PAGES 1990
High Resolution Record of Past Climate from Monsoon Asia
Workshop reports
PAGES 1993
Paleomonsoons in Africa / PAGES in Africa
Workshop reports
PAGES Report 1994
Research Protocols for PALE (Paleoclimates of Arctic Lakes and Estuaries)
Workshop reports
Anderson P, Andrews J, Bradley R, Brubaker L, Edwards M, Finney B, Grootes P, Lozhkin A, Macdonald G... 1994
The PAGES/CLIVAR Intersection
Workshop reports
Meeting zeros in on past global change in western North America
Workshop reports
Anderson RY & Dunbar RB Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union 1995
Global Paleoenvironmental Data
Workshop reports
Climatic Impact of Explosive Volcanism
Workshop reports
PAGES Workshop Report 1996
Continental Drilling for Paleoclimatic Records
Workshop reports
GNIP - Global Network for Isotopes in Precipitation
Workshop reports
Schotterer U & Oldfield F 1996
PEP III: Report on the Bierville and Siwa Workshops
Workshop reports
Holocene Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Environmental Change in the Arctic
Workshop reports
CAPE members 1997
The PAGES Data Guide
Workshop reports
Annual Records of Tropical Systems (ARTS) 1999-2001
Workshop reports
New map revises extent of last ice sheet over Barents and Kara seas
Workshop reports
Thiede J & Mangerud J Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union 1999
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