Asia2k 4th Workshop Presentations

Meeting participants

, 2015

These presentations were given by participants at the 4th meeting of the PAGES Asia2k Working Group, which took place from the 19-20 March 2015 in Kyoto, Japan.


Takeshi Nakatsuka, Opening Remarks

Lucien von Gunten, The PAGES 2k network Phase 2

Xuemei Shao, Purpose of this workshop

Edward Cook, The Monsoon Asia Drought Atlas-Version 2

Huan Zhang, Long-term memory in tree-ring proxies and its influences on climate reconstructions

Jianghao Wang, Asia 2k in a broader context: a comparison between regional and global surface temperature reconstructions

Feng Shi, Tree-ring reconstruction of the South Asian summer monsoon index over the past millennium

Philipp Munz, Decadal-scale record of Indian Ocean winter monsoon intensity over the past two millennia

Min-Te Chen, A new window for probing tropical ocean climate during LIA and MWP: Mud drift sediments in the East China Sea

Hodaka Kawahata, Alkenone SST and atmospheric temperature during the last 3000 years in western Japan

Naveen Ghandi, Past rainfall reconstruction using speleothem from Nakarallu cave, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, India

Junpei Hirano, Japanese Early Modern documentary-based paleoclimate reconstruction

Kei Yoshimura, Data assimilation GCM to incorporate diary weather records in Early Modern Japan

Zhixin Hao, High-resolution temperature reconstruction from historical documents over China

Poorna Yahampath, Palaeo-climate change recordings of Sri Lanka in lasttwo millennia with reference to key historical records

Muhammad Wahab, Hydrological signals in tree-ring width chronologies of pine tree species in northern Pakistan

Binod Dawadi, Pre-monsoon precipitation signal in tree rings of timberline Betula utilis in the Central Himalayas

Udya Kumar Thapa, Spring temperatures in the far-western Nepal Himalaya since A.D. 1640 reconstructed from Picea smithiana tree-ring widths

Narayan Prasad Gaire, Premonsoon climate reconstruction using ring width chronologies of conifer species from the western Nepal Himalaya

Shreyas Managave, Oxygen isotopic composition of teak from Peninsular India

Olga Solomina, Glaciers fluctuations in Asia in the last 2ka




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