1st IGBP-SCOR Fast Track Initiative Workshop: Ocean Acidification - modern observations and past experiences - Overview talks

Meeting participants

, 2006

Selection of overview talks from the first IGBP–SCOR FTI Workshop: "Ocean Acidification - modern observations and past experiences” at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University from September 28 – 30, 2006.

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A: What were amounts and rates of change in ocean geochemistry in response to changes in atmospheric CO2 as inferred from the geological record?

B: What are the predicted changes (and uncertainties) in marine geochemistry (pH, seawater chemistry, CCD, etc.) for various future CO2 emission scenarios?

C: What processes were responsible for past changes in ocean acidification?

D: What do present-day studies tell us about the response of biota to changes in ocean chemistry (biomineralisation and other biological processes)?

E: What does the fossil record reveal about the adaptation of marine biota to changes in ocean acidification?

Available overview talk presentations

Overview Talk Theme C
Controls on past [and future] ocean chemistry -- Andy Ridgwell

Overview Talk Theme D
Biological mechanisms of calcification and other processes most likely to be affected by changes in ocean chemistry -- Jonathan Erez

Overview Talk Theme D
Experimental results on effects of ocean chemistry changes on benthos (incl. corals) -- Jean-Pierre Gattuso

Overview Talk Theme E
Marine planktonic response to long-term changes in ocean chemistry over Earth history to glacial-interglacial cycles - gradual and extreme events -- Jelle Bijma

Overview Talk Theme E 
Adaption and evolution - some case studies -- Daniela Schmidt


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