Asia2k 1st Workshop Presentations

Meeting participants

, 2010

Presentations from the 1st PAGES Asia2k Workshop held in Nagoya, Japan from August 26–27, 2010.

Opening >PDF (2,5 MB)

The Monsoon Asia Drought Atlas: A new tool for modeling Asian monsoon variability over the past millennium >PDF (4 MB)
Edward R. Cook et al.

Tree ring climatic records in China during the last 2500 years >PDF (5,9 MB)
Yu Liu

Climate change signature in tree-ring proxies from Indian subcontinent >PDF (6,9 MB)
H. P. Borgaonkar et al.

Tree ring based millennium long Tree ring based millennium long climate records from the climate records from the Himalayan region Himalayan region >PDF (4,9 MB)
Ram R Yadav et al.

Tree-ring research potential in Pakistan >PDF (5,7 MB)
Dr Jonathan Palmer et al.

A millennial perspective on the climate of Southeast Asia from tree rings >PDF (3,8 MB)
Brendan M. Buckley et al.

A 1,000 year reconstruction of the Western Pacific pattern and associated paleoclimate >PDF (2,8 MB)
William E. Wright et al.

Past 250 years climate reconstruction in Japan from tree-ring width and density >PDF (6,9 MB)
Koh Yasue

Development of tree-ring chronologies over the last 2ka in Japan >PDF (0,9 MB)
Yasuharu Hoshino et al.

Spatial and temporal reconstructions of past summer monsoon activities in Japan using oxygen isotopic ratios of tree-ring cellulose >PDF (1,3 MB)
Takeshi Nakatsuka et al.

Global climate reorganization medieval times and effects on asia >PDF (1,6 MB)
N. Graham et al.

The Last Millennium PMIP3/CMIP5 and PCMIP experiment for IPCC AR5 and the Perspectives >PDF (1,2 MB)
M. Yoshimori et al.

Progress in 2ka reconstructions in Russia >PDF (5 MB)
Olga Solomina

Changes in Cryosphere in the Asian Highland >PDF (2,9 MB)
Koji Fujita

Paleomonsoon variations in Himalaya during ~ 2300 to ~ 800 yrs BP: Inference from oxygen and carbon isotopes of speleothem >PDF (0,9 MB)
V.M. Padmakumari et al.

Multi-proxy approach of a stalagmite for climate reconstruction in Northwestern Thailand >PDF (1,8 MB)
Chotika Muangsong et al.

Paleo-monsoon history of the last two millennia from Southern Indian lake sediment magnetism >PDF (3,6 MB)
R Shankar

High-resolution reconstruction of the East Asian monsoon activities over the last 2k an 30k years using Japanese annually laminated lake sediments >PDF (1,6 MB)
Kazuyoshi Yamada et al.

2K Climate Records of the Western Pacific Marginal Seas: a new window for understanding human-induced climate change and impact >PDF (3,2 MB)
Min-Te Chen et al.

Reconstruction of past sea surface temperature (SST) in the eastern Arabian Sea from oxygen isotopic compositions of scleractinian corals >PDF (0,6 MB)
S. Masood Ahmad et al.

Climate change in China during the past 2000 years: An overview >PDF (3,4 MB)
Ge Quansheng et al.

Reconstruction of past precipitation in the northwestern China by using archive data of Qing Dynasty >PDF (0,7 MB)
Takanori Nagano et al.

Closing: Towards the integration of Asia 2K paleoclimate data >PDF (0,07 MB)

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