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Latest entries
Name Author Journal Year Image
Characterization and correlation of cryptotephras using major-element analyses of melt inclusions preserved in quartz in last interglacial marine sediments, southeastern Shikoku, Japan
Special issue articles
Matsu’ura T, Uenob T & Furusawa A Quaternary International 2011
The INTAV intercomparison of electron-beam microanalysis of glass by tephrochronology laboratories: Results and recommendations
Special issue articles
Kuehn SC, Froese DG, Shane PAR & INTAV Intercomparison Participants... Quaternary International 2011
The Irosin co-ignimbrite ash-fall deposit: A widespread tephra marker in the Bicol arc, south Luzon, Philippines
Special issue articles
Mirabueno MHT, Okuno M, Torii M, Danhara T, Laguerta EP, Newhall CG & Kobayashi T... Quaternary International 2011
The Upper Paleolithic nature of the Châtelperronian in South-Western France: Archeostratigraphic and lithic evidence
Special issue articles
Bordes JG & Teyssandier M Quaternary International 2011
Correlation of basaltic tephra from Mt Wellington volcano: Implications for the penultimate eruption from the Auckland Volcanic Field
Special issue articles
Shane P & Zawalna-Geer A Quaternary International 2011
Integrating records of explosive and effusive activity from proximal and distal sequences: Mt. Taranaki, New Zealand
Special issue articles
Turner MB, Cronin SJ, Bebbington MS, Smith IEM & Stewart RB... Quaternary International 2011
Unravelling a complex volcanic history from fine-grained, intricate Holocene ash sequences at the Tongariro Volcanic Centre, New Zealand
Special issue articles
Moebis A, Cronin SJ, Neall VE & Smith IE Quaternary International 2011
Distal occurrence of mid-Holocene Whakatane Tephra on the Chatham Islands, New Zealand, and potential for cryptotephra studies
Special issue articles
Holt KA, Lowe DJ, Hogg AG & Wallace RC Quaternary International 2011
Holocene tephrochronology of the Hualaihue region (Andean southern volcanic zone, ∼42° S), southern Chile
Special issue articles
Watt SFL, Pyle DM, Naranjo JA, Rosqvist G, Mella M, Mather TA & Moreno H... Quaternary International 2011
The variegated (VT) tephra: A new regional marker for middle to late marine isotope stage 5 across Yukon and Alaska
Special issue articles
Jensen BJL, Preece SJ, Lamothe M, Pearce NJG, Froese DG, Westgate JA, Schaefer J & Begét J... Quaternary International 2011
Tephrochronological investigation at Dvuh-yurtochnoe lake area, Kamchatka: Numerous landslides and lake tsunami, and their environmental impacts
Special issue articles
Dirksena O, van den Bogaard C, Danhara T & Diekmann B... Quaternary International 2011
Preface: Enhancing tephrochronology and its application (INTREPID Project): Hiroshi Machida commemorative volume
Special issue articles
Lowe DJ, Davies SM, Moriwaki H, Pearce NJG & Suzuki T... Quaternary International 2011
Periglacial climate at the 2.5 Ma onset of Northern Hemisphere glaciation inferred from the Whippoorwill Formation, northern Missouri, USA
Special issue articles
Rovey CW & Balco G Quaternary Research 2010
Changes of water level in the Eemian palaeolake at Imbramowice (SW Poland) based on isotopic and cladoceran data
Special issue articles
Mirosław-Grabowska J & Gąsiorowski M Quaternary Research 2010
Sedimentary evolution of a late Pleistocene wetland indicating extreme coastal uplift in southern Tanzania
Special issue articles
Reuter M, Piller WE, Harzhauser M, Berning B & Kroh A... Quaternary Research 2010