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A 23,000-yr pollen record from Lake Euramoo, Wet Tropics of NE Queensland, Australia
Special issue articles
Haberle SG Quaternary Research 2005
A Holocene pollen and diatom record from Vanderlin Island, Gulf of Carpentaria, lowland tropical Australia
Special issue articles
Prebble M, Sim R, Finn J & Fink D Quaternary Research 2005
A comparison of late Quaternary forest changes in New Caledonia and northeastern Australia
Special issue articles
Stevenson J & Hope G Quaternary Research 2005
Interactions between human activity, volcanic eruptions and vegetation during the Holocene at Garua and Numundo, West New Britain, PNG
Special issue articles
Boyd WE, Lentfer CJ & Parr J Quaternary Research 2005
How a wet tropical rainforest copes with repeated volcanic destruction
Special issue articles
Jago LCF & Boyd WE Quaternary Research 2005
The stratigraphy and fire history of the Kutai Peatlands, Kalimantan, Indonesia
Special issue articles
Hope G, Chokkalingam U & Anwar S Quaternary Research 2005
Stratigraphical and palynological appraisal of the Late Quaternary mangrove deposits of the west coast of India
Special issue articles
Kumaran KPN, Nair KM, Shindikar M, Limaye RB & Padmalal D... Quaternary Research 2005
High-resolution pollen record from core KW31, Gulf of Guinea, documents the history of the lowland forests of West Equatorial Africa since 40,000 yr ago
Special issue articles
Lezine A-M & Cazet J-P Quaternary Research 2005
Paleoclimate changes during the last 100,000 yr from a record in the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest region and interhemispheric comparison
Special issue articles
Ledru M-P, Rousseau D-D, Cruz FW, Riccomini C, Karmann I & Martin L... Quaternary Research 2005
Vegetation change in the coastal-lowland rainforest at Avai'o'vuna Swamp, Vava'u, Kingdom of Tonga
Special issue articles
Fall PL Quaternary Research 2005
Cultivation and human impact at 6000 cal yr B.P. in tropical lowland forest at Niah, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo
Special issue articles
Hunt CO & Rushworth G Quaternary Research 2005
Natural and Human Inpacts in the River Rhine Catchment
Special issues
ERDKUNDE – Archive for Scientific Geography 2005
Late Quaternary Tropical Ecosystem Dynamics
Special issues
Quaternary Research 2005
A Dynamical Perspective on High Altitude Paleoclimate Proxy Timeseries
Book chapters
Alverson K, Kull C, Moore GWK & Ginot P 2005
PAGES e-news, vol. 2005, no. 4
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