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Latest entries
Name Author Journal Year Image
Holocene pollen deposits and recent vegetation distribution of Obayi Lake, Nsukka
Special issue articles
Njokuocha RC Quaternary International 2012
Sedimentological and Palyno-environmental appraisal of the late quaternary sediments, north-eastern Bornu Basin
Special issue articles
Boboye OA & IM Akaegbobi Quaternary International 2012
Holocene human occupation of the eastern Nigerian scarp lands: An impact assessment study
Special issue articles
Umeji OP, Ibeanu AM & Agwu COC Quaternary International 2012
Guest Editorial: West African paleoecology and human responses: West African Quaternary Research Association (WAQUA)
Special issue articles
Akaegbobi IM Quaternary International 2012
Tephrostratigraphy and petrological study of Chikurachki and Fuss volcanoes, western Paramushir Island, northern Kurile Islands: Evaluation of Holocene eruptive activity and temporal change of magma system
Special issue articles
Takeshi Hasegawa, Mitsuhiro Nakagawa, Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto, Yoshihiro Ishizuka, Wataru Hirose, Sho-ic... Quaternary International 2011
Widespread tephras in sediments from lake Ichi-no-Megata in northern Japan: Their description, correlation and significance
Special issue articles
Okuno M, Torii M, Yamada K, Shinozuka Y, Danhara T, Gotanda K, Yonenobu H & Yasuda Y... Quaternary International 2011
Tephrochronology and eruptive history of Kirishima volcano in southern Japan
Special issue articles
Nagaoka S & Okuno M Quaternary International 2011
Identification of Lower Pleistocene tephras under Tokyo and reconstruction of Quaternary crustal movements, Kanto Tectonic Basin, central Japan
Special issue articles
Suzuki T, Obara M, Aoki T, Murata M, Kawashima S, Kawai M, Nakayama T & Tokizane K... Quaternary International 2011
90,000-year phytolith record from tephra section at the northeastern rim of Aso caldera, Japan
Special issue articles
Miyabuchi Y & Sugiyama S Quaternary International 2011
Late Pleistocene buried humic soils within a tephra-soil sequence near Unzen volcano, Kyushu, Japan
Special issue articles
Inoue Y, Nagaoka S & Sugiyama S Quaternary International 2011
Revised stratigraphy of Holocene tephras on Ulleung Island, South Korea, and possible correlatives for the U-Oki tephra
Special issue articles
Shiihara M, Torii M, Okuno M, Domitsu H, Nakamura T, Kim K-H, Moriwaki H & Oda M... Quaternary International 2011
Paleoceanographic control on a large marine reservoir effect offshore of Tokai, south of Japan, NW Pacific, during the last glacial maximum-deglaciation
Special issue articles
Ikehara K, Danhara T, Yamashita T, Tanahashi M, Morita S & Ohkushi Ki... Quaternary International 2011
Sakurajima-Satsuma (Sz-S) and Noike-Yumugi (N-Ym) tephras: New tephrochronological marker beds for the last deglaciation, southern Kyushu, Japan
Special issue articles
Moriwaki H, Suzuki T, Murata M, Ikehara M, Machida H & Lowe DJ... Quaternary International 2011
Chronology and processes of fluvial terrace formation in northeastern Kinki district, southwest Japan, based on cryptotephra analysis
Special issue articles
Ishimura D & Kakiuchi J Quaternary International 2011
Identification of cryptotephra horizons in a North East Atlantic marine record spanning marine isotope stages 4 and 5a (∼60,000–82,000 a b2k)
Special issue articles
Abbott PM, Davies SM, Austin WEN, Pearce NJG & Hibbert F... Quaternary International 2011
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