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Ostracods as tsunami tracers in Holocene sequences
Special issue articles
Ruiz F, Abad M, Cáceres LM, Vidal JR, Carretero MI, Pozo M & González-Regalado ML... Quaternary Research 2010
Lake levels and sedimentary environments during deposition of the Trego Hot Springs and Wono tephras in the Lake Lahontan basin, Nevada, USA
Special issue articles
Adams KD Quaternary Research 2010
A bimillennial-length tree-ring reconstruction of precipitation for the Tavaputs Plateau, Northeastern Utah
Special issue articles
Knight TA, Meko DM & Baisan CH Quaternary Research 2010
Little Ice Age fluctuations of Glaciar Río Manso in the north Patagonian Andes of Argentina
Special issue articles
Masiokas MH, Luckman BH, Villalba R, Ripalta A & Rabassa J... Quaternary Research 2010
Variations in sediment yield over the advance and retreat of a calving glacier, Laguna San Rafael, North Patagonian Icefield
Special issue articles
Koppes M, Sylwester R, Rivera A & Hallet B Quaternary Research 2010
Patterns and implications of plant-soil δ13C and δ15N values in African savanna ecosystems
Special issue articles
Wang L, D'Odorico P, Ries L & Macko SA Quaternary Research 2010
Local-scale spatial variability of soil organic carbon and its stock in the hilly area of the Loess Plateau, China
Special issue articles
Wanga Y, Fu B, Lü Y, Song C & Luan Y Quaternary Research 2010
Late Holocene vegetation and climate oscillations in the Qaidam Basin of the northeastern Tibetan Plateau
Special issue articles
Zhao Y, Yu Z, Liu X, Zhao C, Chen F & Zhang K Quaternary Research 2010
Monitoring playa lake inundation in the western United States: Modern analogues to late-Holocene lake level change
Special issue articles
Scuderi LA, Laudadio CK & Fawcett PJ Quaternary Research 2010
Molluscs as evidence for a late Pleistocene and early Holocene humid period in the southern coastal desert of Peru (14.5°S)
Special issue articles
Mächtle B, Unkel I, Eitel B, Kromer B & Schiegl S Quaternary Research 2010
A 108.83-m ice-core record of atmospheric dust deposition at Mt. Qomolangma (Everest), Central Himalaya
Special issue articles
Xu J, Hou S, Qin D, Kaspari S, Mayewski PA, Petit JR, Delmonte B, Kang S, Ren J, Chappellaz J & Hong... Quaternary Research 2010
Erosional effects on terrestrial resources over the last millennium in Reykjanes, southwest Iceland
Special issue articles
Gísladóttira G, Erlendsson E, Lal R & Bigham J Quaternary Research 2010
Recharge to the inter-dune lakes and Holocene climatic changes in the Badain Jaran Desert, western China
Special issue articles
Yang X, Ma N, Dong J, Zhu B, Xu B, Ma Z & Liu J Quaternary Research 2010
Hydrological and climatic changes in deserts of China since the late Pleistocene
Special issue articles
Yang X & Scuderi LA Quaternary Research 2010
Evaluation of the "amount effect" at speleothem sites in the Asian monsoon region
Special issue articles
Lee J-E & Swann AL IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science... 2010
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