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Staff updates

Louise Newman will be relinquishing her position as PAGES Science Officer this August. She will return to her native Tasmania, where she has accepted the position of Executive Officer of the Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS). We wish her all the best in her new role. We are grateful for her invaluable service, particularly with churning out the PAGES newsletter and coordinating the 2k Network. Louise will be replaced by Lucien von Gunten, who had served as her maternity cover earlier, and is thus familiar with the responsibilities of the PAGES Science Officer. We are pleased to welcome Lucien again, now as a more permanent member of the PAGES International Project Office team.

On the subject of new arrivals, we congratulate Michelle Kaufmann, the PAGES Finance and Officer Manager, on the birth of her daughter. Therese Jost will continue as her maternity cover until October this year.

Guest Scientist

Darrell Kaufman of the Northern Arizona University, USA, will join PAGES as resident Guest Scientist from July to November. Darrell’s scientific interest is centered on the Arctic over the course of the Holocene. At PAGES he will contribute to the progress of the Arctic2k and SynTraCE-21 Working Groups.

If you’re interested in becoming a PAGES Guest Scientist, please read the guidelines on the PAGES website (My PAGES > Get involved).

New National Contacts

PAGES appointed three new National Contacts who are responsible for promoting and strengthening engagement with PAGES science at the national level.

Daniel Veres (Romania) is a researcher at the Institute of Speleology of the Romanian Academy and Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj. He has specialized in Quaternary geology and paleoclimatology at the University of Stockholm, Sweden and University of Johannes Gutenberg, Germany. Daniel’s main research interests include lake sediments and cave records as archives of climatic and human history, and tephras as chronological tools.

Min-Te Chen (Taiwan) is a Professor at the National Taiwan Ocean University. He received his PhD from Brown University in 1994 and has since then led paleoceanographic and paleoclimatological research of the western Pacific and East Asia in Taiwan. He has served as a scientific committee member for IMAGES.

Sri Yudawati Cahyarini (Indonesia) earned her PhD at IFM-GEOMAR, Kiel University, Germany in 2006 before returning to Indonesia. Her research interest is in high-resolution paleoclimate reconstruction from the geochemistry of fossil corals, particularly from Tahiti and Indonesia. “Yuda” has also served as a PAGES Guest Scientist.

To view the list of PAGES National Contacts or the nomination guidelines, please visit the PAGES website (About > National PAGES).

Busy second semester

The second half of 2011 is a busy time for PAGES, beginning with an abundance of meetings being held in Bern, the Project Office's host city. The biggest of them is the 18th INQUA Congress, featuring several sessions and breakout meetings from PAGES Working Groups. The annual PAGES Scientific Steering Committee meeting closely follows. Other PAGES Working Groups that hold meetings in July include Antarctica2k, LUCIFS and the PAGES 2k Network.

Workshops scheduled later in the year include the 3rd PALSEA workshop with a focus on ice sheet modeling, a Greenland Ice Sheet reconstruction workshop, the 2nd ADOM Working Group workshop on dust dynamics, and a workshop on future drilling activities in East African rift lakes. See PAGES calendar for details on these and other meetings.

Support for meetings

The next deadline for meeting proposals is 1 November 2011, for evaluation by the PAGES Executive Committee (EXCOM) in December. To apply for meeting support, visit the PAGES website (My PAGES > Meetings).

Photos for products

PAGES seeks high-resolution (min. 300 dpi) digital photographs for its website, brochures, newsletter and other products. Pictures of fieldwork activities and landscapes (including paleoscientists at work), archives and proxies are solicited to spice up our products. All contributions will be acknowledged if used. Please email your photographs to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Next newsletter issues

The next two forthcoming issues of PAGES news will highlight IGBP and Japanese paleoscience. The IGBP-focused newsletter will feature paired topical articles and will provide different temporal perspectives on global change questions. The Japan-focused newsletter will showcase the latest work of PAGES-relevant science in Japan.

You are invited to submit Science Highlights, Program News and Workshop Reports for the Open Section of PAGES news. The next deadline for such contributions is 31 Aug 2011. Guidelines for authors can be found on the PAGES website (My PAGES > Newsletter).


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