Tephrostratigraphy and petrological study of Chikurachki and Fuss volcanoes, western Paramushir Island, northern Kurile Islands: Evaluation of Holocene eruptive activity and temporal change of magma system

Takeshi Hasegawa, Mitsuhiro Nakagawa, Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto, Yoshihiro Ishizuka, Wataru Hirose, Sho-ichi Seki, Vera Ponomareva, Rybin Alexander

Quaternary International, vol. 246(1-2), 278-297, 2011


Enhancing tephrochronology and its application (INTREPID Project): Hiroshi Machida commemorative volume. A product from the INternational focus group on Tephrochronology And Volcanism (INTAV) of the International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA). This resulted from the inter-congress meeting "Active Tephra" which was held in Kirishima, Japan, from 9 to 17 May, 2010 and co-supported by PAGES.

Category: Special issue articles