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Lateglacial and Holocene relative sea-level changes and first evidence for the Storegga tsunami in Sutherland, Scotland
Journal articles
Long A J, Barlow NL, Dawson S, Hill J, Innes JB, Kelham C, Milne FD & Dawson A... Journal of Quaternary Science 2016
Prehistoric palaeodemographics and regional land cover change in eastern Iberia
Journal articles
Fyfe RM, Woodbridge J, Palmisano A, Bevan A, Shennan S, Burjachs F, Legarra Herrero B, García Puchol... The Holocene 2019
Tyrrhenian central Italy: Holocene population and landscape dynamics
Journal articles
Stoddart S, Woodbridge J, Palmisano A, Mercuri A-M, Mensing S, Colombaroli D, Sadori L, Magri D, di ... The Holocene 2019
Long-term trends of land use and demography in Greece: a comparative study
Journal articles
Weiberg E, Bevan A, Kouli K, Katsianis M, Woodbridge J, Bonnier A, Engel M, Finné M, Fyfe R, Yannis ... The Holocene 2019
Pollen-inferred regional vegetation patterns and demographic change in Southern Anatolia through the Holocene
Journal articles
Woodbridge J, Roberts N, Palmisano A, Bevan A, Shennan S, Fyfe R, Eastwood WJ, Izdebski A, Ҫakırlar ... The Holocene 2019
Holocene landscape dynamics and long-term populations trends in the Levant
Journal articles
Palmisano A, Woodbridge J, Roberts CN, Bevan A, Fyfe R, Shennan S, Cheddadi R, Greenberg R, Kaniewsk... The Holocene 2019
African hydroclimatic variability during the last 2000 years
Journal articles
Nash DJ, De Cort G, Chase BM, Verschuren D, Nicholson SE, Shanahan TM, Asrat A, Lézine A-M & Grab SW... Quaternary Science Reviews 2016
Relative sea-level variability during the late Middle Pleistocene: New evidence from eastern England
Journal articles
Barlow NLM, Long AJ, Gehrels WR, Saher MH, Scaife RG, Davies HJ, Penkman KEH, Bridgland DR, Sparkes ... Quaternary Science Reviews 2017
Isolation basins, sea-level changes and the Holocene history of the Greenland Ice Sheet
Journal articles
Long AJ, Woodroff SA, Roberts DH & Dawson S Quaternary Science Reviews 2011
How to evaluate model-derived deglaciation chronologies: a case study using Antarctica
Journal articles
Briggs RD & Tarasov L Quaternary Science Reviews 2013
Relative sea-level change in northeastern Florida (USA) during the last∼ 8.0 ka
Journal articles
Hawkes AD, Kemp AC, Donnelly JP, Horton BP, Peltier WR, Cahill N, Hill DF, Ashe E & Alexander CR... Quaternary Science Reviews 2016
Eustatic and Relative Sea Level Changes
Journal articles
Rovere A, Stocchi P & Vacchi M Current Climate Change Reports 2016
Possible causes of data model discrepancy in the temperature history of the last Millennium
Journal articles
Neukom R, Schurer AP, Steiger NJ & Hegerl GC Scientific Reports 2018
Anthropogenic land use estimates for the Holocene – HYDE 3.2
Journal articles
Klein Goldewijk K, Beusen A, Doelman J & Stehfest E... Earth System Science Data 2017
Resilience of lake biogeochemistry to boreal-forest wildfires during the late Holocene
Journal articles
Chipman ML & Hu FS Biology Letters 2019
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