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Journal articles emerging from PAGES working groups, projects, or meetings. Only articles acknowledging PAGES or the Working Group are listed.

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Modelling prehistoric land-use and carbon budgets: a critical review
Journal articles
Boyle JF, Gaillard M, Kaplan JO & Dearing JA The Holocene 2011
Back to the Future: Using Long-Term Observational and Paleo-Proxy Reconstructions to Improve Model Projections of Antarctic Climate
Journal articles
Bracegirdle TJ, Colleoni F, Abram NJ, Bertler NAN, Dixon DA, England M, Favier V, Fogwill CJ, Fyfe J... Geosciences 2019
PAGES: Always Bottom Up
Journal articles
Bradley R Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union 2004
Combining Ice Core Records and Ice Sheet Models to Explore the Evolution of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet During the Last Interglacial Period
Journal articles
Bradley SL, Siddall M, Milne GA, Masson-Delmotte V & Wolff E... Global and Planetary Change 2013
Where Might We Find Evidence of a Last Interglacial West Antarctic Ice Sheet Collapse in Antarctic Ice Core Records?
Journal articles
Bradley SL, Siddall M, Milne GA, Masson-Delmotte V & Wolff E... Global and Planetary Change 2012
Past, Present and Future Perspectives of Sediment Compaction as a Driver of Relative Sea Level and Coastal Change
Journal articles
Brain MJ Current Climate Change Reports 2016
Quantifying the contribution of sediment compaction to late Holocene salt-marsh sea-level reconstructions (North Carolina, USA)
Journal articles
Brain MJ, Kemp AC, Horton BP, Culver SJ, Parnell AC & Cahill N... Quaternary Research 2015
How to evaluate model-derived deglaciation chronologies: a case study using Antarctica
Journal articles
Briggs RD & Tarasov L Quaternary Science Reviews 2013
Comparing modelled fire dynamics with charcoal records for the Holocene
Journal articles
Brücher T, Brovkin V, Kloster S, Marlon JR & Power MJ... Climate of the Past 2014
As I See It: Bridge over troubled water — valuing Russia’s scientific landscape
Journal articles
Büntgen U Climate Research 2016
Climatic and environmental aspects of the Mongol withdrawal from Hungary in 1242 CE
Journal articles
Büntgen U & Di Cosmo N Scientific Reports 2016
Cooling and societal change during the Late Antique Little Ice Age from 536 to around 660 AD
Journal articles
Büntgen U, Myglan VS, Ljungqvist FC, McCormick M, Di Cosmo N, Sigl M, Jungclaus J, Wagner S, Krusic ... Nature Geoscience 2016
Maps From Mud — Using the Multiple Scenario Approach to Reconstruct Land Cover Dynamics From Pollen Records: A Case Study of Two Neolithic Landscapes
Journal articles
Bunting MJ, Farrell M, Bayliss A, Marshall P & Whittle A... Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 2018
Modeling sea-level change using errors-in-variables integrated gaussian processes
Journal articles
Cahill N, Kemp AC, Horton BP & Parnell AC Annals of Applied Statistics 2015
Detecting past changes in vegetation resilience in the context of a changing climate
Journal articles
Calder WJ & Shuman B Biology Letters 2019
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