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Journal articles emerging from PAGES working groups, projects, or meetings. Only articles acknowledging PAGES or the Working Group are listed.

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Variations in atmospheric CO2 during glacial cycles from an inverse ocean modeling perspective
Journal articles
LeGrand P & Alverson K Paleoceanography 2001
Quantitative Multiproxy Assessment of Long-Term Patterns of Holocene Environmental Change From a Small Lake Near Abisko, Northern Sweden
Journal articles
Bigler C, Larocque I, Peglar SM, Birks HJB & Hall RI... The Holocene 2002
Modeling Modern and Late Pleistocene Glacio-Climatological Conditions in the North Chilean Andes (29–30 °)
Journal articles
Kull C, Grosjean M & Veit H Climatic Change 2002
Climate Change in the North Pacific Region Over the Past Three Centuries
Journal articles
Moore GWK, Holdsworth G & Alverson K Nature 2002
Holocene Climate Instability and Human Societies
Journal articles
Alverson K ProClim- Flash 2002
Source, sea level and circulation effects on the sediment flux to the deep ocean over the past 15 ka off eastern New Zealand
Journal articles
Lionel Carter, Barbara Manighetti, Mike Elliot, Noel Trustrum, Basil Gomez... Global and Planetary Change 2002
A Reconstruction of the Air–Sea Interaction Associated with the Weddell Polynya
Journal articles
Moore GWK, Alverson K & Renfrew IA Journal Of Physical Oceanography 2002
A Summary of Glaciation - Highlights of the Recent Literature
Journal articles
Smith HJ Science 2002
The Impact that Elevation Has on the ENSO Signal in Precipitation Records from the Gulf of Alaska Region
Journal articles
Moore GWK, Alverson K & Holdsworth G Climatic Change 2003
Diatom-Inferred Salinity Records From the Arctic Siberian Margin: Implications for Fluvial Runoff Patterns During the Holocene
Journal articles
Bauch HA & Polyakova YI Paleoceanography 2003
Holocene Environmental Change at Lake Njulla (999 m a.s.l.), Northern Sweden: A Comparison With Four Small Nearby Lakes Along an Altitudinal Gradient
Journal articles
Bigler C, Grahn E, Larocque I, Jeziorski A & Hall R... Journal of Paleolimnology 2003
What is PAGES and how can a GSA-Quaternary member get involved?
Journal articles
Alverson K & Brigham-Grette J Geological Society of America Newsletter 2003
Global Change and Resource Sustainability: Some Fishy Thoughts
Journal articles
Alverson K, Sonnerup R, Moore G & Holdsworth G Global Change 2003
Evidence of an LGM Cooling in NW-Argentina (22°S) Derived From a Glacier Climate Model
Journal articles
Kull C, Hänni F, Grosjean M & Veit H Quaternary International 2003
PAGES: Always Bottom Up
Journal articles
Bradley R Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union 2004
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