Climate refugia: Joint inference from fossil records, species distribution models, and phylogeography

Gavin, DG, Fitzpatrick MC, Gugger PF, Heath KD, Rodríguez-Sánchez F, Dobrowski SZ, Hampe A, Hu FS, Ashcroft MB, Bartlein PJ, Blois JL, Carstens BC, Davis EB, de Lafontaine G, Edwards ME, Fernandez MC, Henne PD, Herring EM, Holden ZA, Kong W-S, Liu J, Magri D, Matzke NJ, McGlone MS, Saltré F, Stigall AL, Tsai Y-HE & Williams JW

New Phytologist, vol. 204(1), 37-54, 2014

A major review paper, part of the Tansley Review series, which emerged out of the PAGES-supported meeting "Climate Refugia: Joint Inference from Fossils, Genetics and Models" held from the 1-3 August, 2012 in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

Category: Journal articles