Principles for knowledge co-production in sustainability research

Norström AV, Cvitanovic C, Löf MF, West S, Wyborn C, Balvanera P, Bednarek AT, Bennett EM, Biggs R, de Bremond A, Campbell BM, Canadell JG, Carpenter SR, Folke C, Fulton EA, Gaffney O, Gelcich S, Jouffray J-B, Leach M, Le Tissier M, Martín-López B, Louder E, Loutre M-F, Meadow AM, Nagendra H, Payne D, Peterson GD, Reyers B, Scholes R, Speranza CI, Spierenburg M, Stafford-Smith M, Tengö M, van der Hel S, van Putten I & Österblom H

Nature Sustainability, 2020

This paper is a collaborative effort originally organized by Future Earth and its Global Research Projects, of which PAGES is one. PAGES Executive Director Marie-France Loutre is a co-author.

Category: Journal articles