Multiproxy Summer and Winter Surface Air Temperature Field Reconstructions for Southern South America Covering the Past Centuries

Neukom R, Luterbacher J, Villalba R, Küttel M, Frank D, Jones PD, Grosjean M, Wanner H, Aravena J-C, Black DE, Christie DA, D’Arrigo R, Lara A, Morales M, Soliz-Gamboa C, Srur A, Urrutia R & von Gunten L

Climate Dynamics, vol. 37(1-2), 35-51, 2010

This paper arose from the PAGES LOTRED South America initiative. It presents reconstructions of seasonal temperature fields for southern South America back to AD 900. The reconstructions are based on natural and documentary proxy data generated and collected by the LOTRED SA group.

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