Monsoon Changes For 6000 Years Ago: Results of 18 Simulations From the Paleoclimate Modeling Intercomparison Project (PMIP)

Joussaume S, Taylor KE, Braconnot P, Mitchell JFB, Kutzbach JE, Harrison SP, Prentice IC, Broccoli AJ, Abe-Ouchi A, Bartlein PJ, Bonfils C, Dong B, Guiot J, Herterich K, Hewitt CD, Jolly D, Kim JW, Kislov A, Kitoh A, Loutre MF, Masson V, McAvaney B, McFarlane N, Noblet Nd, Peltier WR, Peterschmitt JY, Pollard D, Rind D, Royer JF, Schlesinger ME, Syktus J, Thompson S, Valdes P, Vettoretti G, Webb RS & Wyputta U

Geophysical Research, vol. 26(7), 859-862, 1999

This is paper is a contribution from the PAGES-endorsed Paleoclimate Modeling Intercomparison Project (PMIP).

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