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Identifying drivers of forest resilience in long-term records from the Neotropics
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Adolf C, Tovar C, Kühn N, Behling H, Berrío JC, Dominguez-Vázquez G, Figueroa-Rangel B, Gonzalez-Car... Biology Letters 2020
The Structure of Climate Variability Across Scales
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Franzke CLE, Barbosa S, Blender R, Fredriksen H-B, Laepple T, Lambert F, Nilsen T, Rypdal K, Rypdal ... Reviews of Geophysics 2020
Evaluating quantitative pollen representation of vegetation in the tropics: A case study on the Hainan Island, tropical China
Journal articles
Wan Q, Zhang Y, Huang K, Sun Q, Zhang X, Gaillard M-J, Xu Q, Li F & Zheng Z... Ecological Indicators 2020
The indicative meaning calculator – quantification of paleo sea-level relationships by using global wave and tide datasets
Journal articles
Lorscheid T & Rovere A Open Geospatial Data, Software and Standards 2019
A New 200‐Year Spatial Reconstruction of West Antarctic Surface Mass Balance
Journal articles
Wang Y, Huai B, Thomas ER, Broeke MR, Wessem JM and Schlosser E... Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 2019
Fires and human activities as key factors in the high diversity of Corsican vegetation
Journal articles
Lestienne M, Jouffroy-Bapicot I, Leyssenne D, Sabatier P, Debret M, Albertini P-J, Colombaroli D, Di... The Holocene 2019
Fire risk modulation by long-term dynamics in land cover and dominant forest type in Eastern and Central Europe
Journal articles
Feurdean A, Vannière B, Finsinger W, Warren D, Connor SC, Forrest M, Liakka J, Panait A, Werner C, A... Biogeosciences Discussions 2020
Terrestrial plant microfossils in paleoenvironmental studies, pollen, microcharcoal and phytolith. Towards a comprehensive understanding of vegetation, fire and climate changes over the past one milli
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Daniau A-L, Desprat S, Aleman J, Bremond L, Davis B, Fletcher W, Marlon JR, Marquer L, Montade V, Mo... Revue de Micropaléontologie 2019
Proxy surrogate reconstructions for Europe and the estimation of their uncertainties
Journal articles
Bothe O & Zorita E Climate of the Past 2020
Late Pliocene Cordilleran Ice Sheet development with warm northeast Pacific sea surface temperatures
Journal articles
Sánchez-Montes ML, McClymont EL, Lloyd JM, Müller J, Cowan EA & Zorzi C... Climate of the Past 2020
Towards quantification of Holocene anthropogenic land-cover change in temperate China: A review in the light of pollen-based REVEALS reconstructions of regional plant cover
Journal articles
Li F, Gaillard M-J,Cao X, Herzschuh U, Sugita S, Tarasov PE, Wagner M, Xu Q, Ni J, Wang W, Zhao Y, A... Earth-Science Reviews 2020
Antarctic Sea Ice Proxies from Marine and Ice Core Archives Suitable for Reconstructing Sea Ice over the Past 2000 Years
Journal articles
Thomas ER, Allen CS, Etourneau J, King ACF, Severi M, Winton HL, Mueller J, Crosta X & Peck VL... Geosciences 2019
Extreme heat and drought in 1473 and their impacts in Europe in the context of the early 1470s
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Camenisch C, Brázdil R, Kiss A, Pfister C, Wetter O, Rohr C, Contino A & Retsö D... Regional Environmental Change 2020
Inconsistencies between observed, reconstructed, and simulated precipitation indices for England since the year 1650 CE
Journal articles
Bothe O, Wagner S and Zorita E Climate of the Past 2019
Back to the Future: Using Long-Term Observational and Paleo-Proxy Reconstructions to Improve Model Projections of Antarctic Climate
Journal articles
Bracegirdle TJ, Colleoni F, Abram NJ, Bertler NAN, Dixon DA, England M, Favier V, Fogwill CJ, Fyfe J... Geosciences 2019
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