The Sea-Level Conundrum: Case Studies From Palaeo-Archives

PALSEA, Abe-Ouchi A, Andersen M, Antonioli F, Bamber J, Bard E, Clark J, Clark P, Deschamps P, Dutton A, Elliot M, Gallup C, Gomez N, Gregory J, Huybers P, Kawamura K, Kelly M, Lambeck K, Lowell T, Mitrovica J, Otto-Bliesner B, Richards D, Siddall M, Stanford J, Stirling C, Stocker T, Thomas A, Thompson B, Törnqvist T, Riveiros NV, Waelbroeck C, Yokoyama Y & Yu S

Journal of Quaternary Science, vol. 25(1), 19-25, 2009

This is a synthesis paper from the concept workshop for PALSEA (Paleo-constraints on Sea-level Rise; Focus 1 Working Group).

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