Long-Term Multi-Proxy Climate Reconstructions and Dynamics in South America (LOTRED-SA): State of the Art and Perspectives

Eds: Villalba R, Grosjean M & Kiefer T

Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, vol. 281(3-4), 175-376, 2009

Special issue from the PAGES symposium "Reconstructing Past Regional Climate Variations in South America over the late Holocene", held 4-7 October 2006, in Mendoza, Argentina.

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> Long-term multi-proxy climate reconstructions and dynamics in South America (LOTRED-SA): State of the art and perspectives [p.175]
Villalba R, Grosjean M & Kiefer T

> Present-day South American climate [p.180]
Garreaud RD, Vuille M, Compagnucci R & Marengo J

> Documentary sources from South America: Potential for climate reconstruction [p.196]
Prieto MdR & Herrera RG

> Dendroclimatological reconstructions in South America: A review [p.210]
Boninsegna JA, Argollo J, Aravena JC, Barichivich J, Christie D, Ferrero ME, Lara A, Quesne CL, Luckman BH, Masiokas M, Morales M, Oliveira JM, Roig F, Srur A & Villalba R

> Climate variability during the last 1000 years inferred from Andean ice cores: A review of methodology and recent results [p.229]
Vimeux F, Ginot P, Schwikowski M, Vuille M, Hoffmann G, Thompson LG & Schotterer U

> Glacier fluctuations in extratropical South America during the past 1000 years [p.242]
Masiokas MH, Rivera A, Espizua LE, Villalba R, Delgado S & Aravena JC

> Fluctuations of glaciers in the tropical Andes over the last millennium and palaeoclimatic implications: A review [p.269]
Jomelli V, Favier V, Rabatel A, Brunstein D, Hoffmann G & Francou B

> Reviewing human–environment interactions in arid regions of southern South America during the past 3000 years [p.283]
Morales M, Barberena R, Belardi JB, Borrero L, Cortegoso V, Durán V, Guerci A, Goñi R, Gil A, Neme G, Yacobaccio H & Zárate M

> Spatio-temporal variations in Polylepis tarapacana radial growth across the Bolivian Altiplano during the 20th century [p.296]
Solíz C, Villalba R, Argollo J, Morales MS, Christie DA, Moya J & Pacajes J

> El Niño-Southern Oscillation signal in the world's highest-elevation tree-ring chronologies from the Altiplano, Central Andes [p.309]
Christie DA, Lara A, Barichivich J, Villalba R, Morales MS & Cuq E

> Climate signals in high elevation tree-rings from the semiarid Andes of north-central Chile: Responses to regional and large-scale variability [p.320]
Barichivich J, Sauchyn DJ & Lara A

> Long-term glacier variations in the Central Andes of Argentina and Chile, inferred from historical records and tree-ring reconstructed precipitation [p.334]
Quesne CL, Acuña C, Boninsegna JA, Rivera A & Barichivich J

> The Little Ice Age glacier advance in the Central Andes (35°S), Argentina [p.345]
Espizua LE & Pitte P

> Little Ice Age fluctuations of small glaciers in the Monte Fitz Roy and Lago del Desierto areas, south Patagonian Andes, Argentina [p.351]
Masiokas MH, Luckman BH, Villalba R, Delgado S, Skvarca P & Ripalta A

> Palaeoenvironmental changes during the last 1600 years inferred from the sediment record of a cirque lake in southern Patagonia (Laguna Las Vizcachas, Argentina) [p.363]
Fey M, Korr C, Maidana NI, Carrevedo ML, Corbella H, Dietrich S, Haberzettl T, Kuhn G, Lücke A, Mayr C, Ohlendorf C, Paez MM, Quintana FA, Schäbitz F & Zolitschka B

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